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THE HEROES KIT – Caroline Hirons


One of the best things about having a blog that has been read over 130 million times is the incomparable platform that it has given to a number of brands that were just beginning to make their mark on the industry. The brands that were bubbling under the surface or had a cult following on their home turf. Products that were nestled amongst the big players waiting to showcase their brilliance. The Heroes are the brands many of you discovered on the blog and the brands that were never the same after they were featured… in the best way.

The Heroes Kit costs £200 and is worth £492, a saving of over 59%.

(All products are suitable for and breastfeeding, and all apart from Medik8 are suitable for pregnancy.)

Jordan Samuel Skin – The Aftershow Treatment Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, 94ml – brilliant for removing makeup or SPF whilst leaving your skin feeling comfortable and not stripped. Suitable for all skins. No contraindications.

Josh Rosebrook – Hydrating Accelerator, 250ml – aka JESUS JUICE. The most gorgeous, aromatic mist that supports and deeply hydrates the skin. Suitable for all skins. No contraindications.

May Lindstrom – The Blue Cocoon Solid Oil Facial Concentrate, 50ml – Blue Cocoon takes the words “luxury” and “treatment” and elevates them to another level. A balm texture that works as a moisturising treatment that deeply hydrates whilst giving the most gorgeous aroma. Suitable for all skins. No contraindications.

Medik8 – Crystal Retinal™ 6, 30ml – a brilliant Retinoid that is backed by Science. Easily in my top 3 retinoids. Not suitable for pregnancy but perfect for all other scenarios, including breastfeeding.

OSKIA – Bedtime Beauty Boost, 50ml – a Freak favourite, this PM moisturiser is like a cashmere blanket for the skin. A comforting, deeply hydrating moisturiser packed full of skin loving ingredients. Suitable for all skins. No contraindications.

PIXI – Glow Tonic, 250ml – a blog favourite. Gentle exfoliation, suitable for all skins. No contraindications.

Tan-Luxe – Super Glow, 30ml – perfect for all skin types and tones, this will leave your skin glowing and healthy-looking. Suitable for all skin types and tones. No contraindications.

Votary – Face Cloth, 1 flannel – a brilliant, soft flannel (and a good size).

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