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Dino-Four Party: A Modern Dinosaur Kid’s Birthday Party


Lately, my son has been all about dinosaurs. His favorite show is Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous on Netflix, he plays with his dinosaur toys all the time, and he frequently roars pretending to be a dinosaur. I knew exactly what the theme should be for his fourth birthday . . . a dinosaur birthday party! Or should I say, a dino-four party. 😉

Rather than using primary colors, I wanted his party’s style to look a little different. When I saw this Meri Meri modern dinosaur theme on Oh So Fancy, it was exactly what I was looking for. A cool and modern approach to the dinosaur kid’s birthday party theme. Here’s what I did and what brands I partnered with to make the look come to life!

Welcome Entrance

4 year old boy at his dinosaur birthday party

For the entrance, we printed out a poster that we customized from Paper & Ink Design Co. I loved how they had everything in their shop with this theme. I got all of the designs from them, including the party invitation and thank you cards. All I had to do was print them out at my local print shop and I was done!

With this poster, I did decide to frame it rather than print it on a poster board. This way, I can reuse the frame for other events, and it’s cheaper with printing.

I wanted our guests to walk through our backyard since this is where the party would be rather than coming through our house. We got some cute garland balloons and large dinosaur balloons that I had blown up at Party City and attached them to our door gate.

Food Table

Food table at dinosaur kid's birthday party

We set up a food and beverage table for our guests to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. There was something for everybody! For drinks, we had bottled water with water bottle birthday labels or “ice aged water a.k.a fruit punch. And for food, we had “swamp rocks” a.k.a donut holes, “dino nuggets” from Chick-fil-A (plus their fries and sauces), and cake!

Dinosaur birthday party decor

For the food and punch signs, we used these editable party signs. I had plastic frames from IKEA that I used to frame them. Their food tent signs are also great for parties. And the cups, plates, platters, and banners all matched the theme. This makes it incredibly easy for a parent to put together a stylish party!

(I ordered the small napkins and large napkins because we know how much of a mess toddlers can make. They were both perfect for the main meal and for dessert.)

The Cake

dinosaur birthday cake

Because we invited our son’s entire class, including our family and friends, there were a good amount of people. That’s why we decided to get a larger cake to make sure everyone got a slice. 🙂 This dinosaur birthday party theme also has cute cake topper options and cupcake toppers, but I chose to go with this one because I wanted to personalize it with my son’s name and his age. I think the cake with the topper came out great!

Food Table Decor

Dinosaur banners

These banners hung above and below the cake table brought more pizzazz to the cake table area. They are nice, high-quality large dinosaur and jungle leaves cut-outs that are strung together. It’s a great decor item to bring the dinosaur party theme even more to life throughout the party.

Party Favors

Thank you bags for dinosaur party

I also got these cute dinosaur gift bags and filled them with our party favors that I put together. I also personalized a thank you/favor tag with our son’s name and attached them on the outside of the bags.

Party favors for dinosaur bags

As our party favors, I bought some Bugles chips as “dinosaur claws” and white chocolate pretzels as “dinosaur bones.” I put them in cellophane bags, and we made cute designs on Canva and printed them on round labels. I thought they came out so well! And I threw in a fun dinosaur wind-up toy too. 🙂

Kid’s Table

The kid’s table was my favorite area. I love how it all came together. I rented the table and chairs from a local party planner and they also made custom placemats for the party. It was so smart of them also to put a rug underneath. It had rained a little earlier that morning, so this helped keep the kid’s feet from getting dirtier.

Table Setting

Dinosaur birthday party place settings

For the place settings, all I had to do was set the table with a large plate, dessert plate on top, utensils, and cups. (These utensils would have been cute too!)

Party Animals!

Dinosaurs with party hats

Something else that I thought was too cute to pass up were these mini party hats for our toy dinosaurs! It’s such a good idea to use some of the items that you already have at home (if they go with your theme) and incorporate them into your party! These party hats for our little friends were a perfect festive touch for our dinosaur kid’s birthday party.

Statement Piece

Birthday banner

For the party, I wanted to have a place where friends and family could take pictures—especially with the birthday boy! I ordered this backdrop banner and had it printed and hung it on this stand (that I already had). We also purchased a balloon garland from our party planner and ordered this giant number 4 mylar balloon. Balloons always make me happy and I think they are a great addition to any event.

Matching Family T-Shirts

Dinosaur family t-shirts for party

We’ve had matching family shirts for every birthday party for our son. I had to do it again this year. I found these mommy-saurus, daddy-saurus, and sister-saurus shirts, and that they were great for our party. And, of course, the birthday boy had a special four-ocious shirt. 🙂 Glad that we did it again this year.

That’s our dino-mite dinosaur-themed birthday party! I hope it inspired you to do something similar or fun for your next event!

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