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You Know You’re a Suburban Mom When . . .


Living in the suburbs is the place I always wanted to be. I grew up more in the country, so just the thought of living in a city makes me feel claustrophobic. When I first graduated college, I worked in a city and hated it. The traffic was awful, and so was the lack of greenery. Everything was so gray and smelly. If the place I worked wasn’t depressing enough, the environment sure was. Living somewhere surrounded by concrete would have driven me batty.

My parents both grew up on farms, and the yard I had growing up was three acres in itself. We had a hill for sledding, and woods surrounded the backyard. I couldn’t even see into our neighbors’ yards, and I liked it that way. I could go exploring in my own backyard! It made for a lot of fun times. I knew that I wanted something similar when I became a mom. A yard was a must-have. We have just under an acre, but someday I’d like even more. There are some things that only suburban moms understand.

You Know You’re a Suburban Mom When…

Here are just some of the ways that you can know you’re a suburban mom, like me:

1. You get spooked by loud noises.

It is so quiet much of the time that when loud noises come through your neighborhood, it freaks you out. For me, this is usually a car revving its engine or a motorcycle. They are few and far between, but when it happens, it’s startling.

2. Even being able to see into other people’s yards irritates you.

Seriously, when are we building that fence? I’m not thrilled at people being able to see into my yard. I want either a fence or trees along the back. I have some privacy, but I want even more.

3. It’s too far to walk anywhere.

When you’re in a city, so many places are within walking distance. You can turn the corner and be in a coffee shop or restaurant. When you live in the suburbs, you can pretty much only walk around your own neighborhood. Everything else is just too far away.

4. You love how quiet it is.

Aside from the stray motorcycle, the neighborhood is really quiet. I love how quiet it is. It is much more relaxing and slower-paced than a city.

5. You love how far away from people you are.

Despite not being able to walk anywhere, you love how far away people are. Being in a city, everything and everyone is on top of each other. There are some cities near me where you can reach out your window and touch your neighbor’s house. No, thank you.

6. Anywhere you go is a special outing.

Since everything is 10 minutes away or longer, it is a special outing for the kids whenever we go out. It takes planning and prep work to get out the door. You want to be prepared since you aren’t super close to home.

7. You hardly go anywhere at the spur of the moment.

Going anywhere takes planning, so we usually don’t go places on the spur of the moment. I need time to plan.

8. You secretly want to buy a bunch of land to be further away from people.

You’d think that since I don’t want to live in a city that I’d be comfortable where I am, but secretly, I’d love to be even more remote from people.

9. You hate driving into an actual city.

I feel like I’m just like my parents now on this one. They never drive into cities, and now that I’m older, I totally get it. Driving into actual cities is exhausting. It’s busy. There’s a bunch of traffic. I have no interest in doing it.

10. You love all the green.

An asphalt jungle is so not my jam. I love all the green and trees that surround our house. Being outside makes me happy. Going outside in a city would not be the same.

11. You have at least two kids or a football team’s amount of kids.

It can be expensive to raise a family in the city. Once you have a child or two, you might be more interested in having a bigger house, more outdoor space for them to play, good public schools, etc. It’s also quiet in the burbs and there’s not too much to do, so babies do get made. 😉

12. You have fully embraced leggings.

I used to be of the mindset that leggings aren’t pants. Boy, have I changed my tune on that one. They totally are, and they are the most comfortable form of pants that you could ever ask for.

13. You have a minivan.

I confess that I don’t have one yet, but I want one. A minivan or SUV will for sure be my next car.

14. You love Target . . . and coffee.

Okay, you could love these things living in the city too, but us suburban moms get extra excited for these things. As I mentioned earlier, getting out of the house is a special outing! Going to Target is a trip in itself, so I make sure to hit the Starbucks inside for a fun treat for both the kids and me.

15. You’ve worn pajamas outside.

You live further away from people so they can’t see you as well or see what you’re wearing. Wearing pajamas outside on my deck is my business. I’ve done this a few times. And also, who cares?

16. You prefer outdoor playdates to anything inside.

Anytime we can be outside, you can bet that we’re outside. If someone wants to do a playdate, I’m all for anything outdoors, such as the zoo, the park, or even just going for a walk. I hate being cooped up inside. Indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks just sound germy, confining, and terrible.

Suburban life is pretty great, but I know city moms love their lives too. It comes down to the individual, but having my own space and yard are must-haves for me and help me do this mom thing a whole lot better.


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