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What It’s REALLY Like Being a Mom of Triplets – Podcast Ep 63


Have you ever wanted to be a mom of multiples or wondered what it would really be like? Well, yesterday, July 12th, was National Triplet Day, and we thought it would be really fun to chat with a mom of triplets, Brittany Werth, to get the real scoop.

Brittany is the Chief Operating Officer of Simplified, a boutique lifestyle brand specializing in products to empower busy women with the tools they need to simplify their lives. She lives in Orlando, FL, with her husband, Doug, 4-year-old son, Douglas, and infant triplets, Nash, Bennet, and Eleanor. When she’s not pushing their wagon o’kids around their neighborhood, she enjoys cooking, trying new wines, having a rare date night out, and dreaming of their next parents-only getaway.

We are so honored to have Brittany on today’s episode to chat with us about all things triplets and what it’s really like being a mom of triplets. She’s sharing about her pregnancy, her transition from one child to four, and what she wants all mothers to know.

Here are the products that Brittany recommended to moms of triplets!

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