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Understanding Infertility with Dr. Amy – Podcast Ep 85


Infertility can feel so isolating but we know that many women experience these struggles. Thankfully more women are speaking up and sharing their stories. I think that talking about this sensitive topic is allowing more people to understand infertility and what their options are. That’s why I’m so grateful to have fertility veteran and PhD Scientist, Amy Beckley, joining us today on our podcast. Amy is sharing common fertility struggles, her personal experience with fertility as well as her mission to empower and change the conversation around understanding infertility. We’re happy to join her in this important conversation and spread the word.

Amy has been trying to break down barriers for those experiencing infertility for over a decade. She’s been very vocal about her own struggles, experiencing 7 miscarriages and several rounds of IVF before inventing the first at-home progesterone test kit to help empower women with more information on why their bodies may be miscarrying. 

We hope that today’s discussion gives a lot of people hope and answers to what they were looking for.


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