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Unconventional and Funny Ways Moms Get Self-Care


Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s wonderful in endless ways and something many of us wouldn’t trade for the world. That doesn’t mean that it’s always sunshine and butterflies. As moms, we often feel we must put everyone’s needs before ourselves. But it’s important that we put ourselves on our priority list because moms deserve self-care too!

Luckily, moms are also master multitaskers and creative thinkers! This is important because we’re still individuals with genuine needs, so we can get creative and have fun with creating in some “me time.” We adapt and do what we have to do. With that, here are some unconventional and funny ways moms might get self-care in.

The Glass is Half-Full: How Moms Get Creative (and Funny) with Their Self-Care

1. Hiding Your Favorite Chocolate.

You hide it in your sock drawer, nightstand, tampon box, or even at the back of the pantry behind the box of applesauce. Anywhere it won’t be touched. Moms do enough sharing as it is, but some things shouldn’t have to be compromised.

2. Using the Pasta Steam as a Facial.

Spaghetti, mac and cheese, rotini . . . steam. Happy little bellies, happy mama skin. You might not make it to the spa these days, but you know the kitchen is always calling.

3. Sitting in your parked car eating snacks, online shopping, and catching up with a friend over FaceTime.

If you’re lucky enough to sneak away solo for an errand, appointment, or whatever else, you learn to take advantage of it. If you’re a mom, you know this alone time is precious, even though we know it’s ridiculous for moms to consider this self-care. (And if you can’t sneak away alone, you drive around in circles until your child falls asleep . . . and then wakes up five mins later once you try to park.)

4. Doing at-home workouts while babywearing.

Lunges, squats, push-ups if you’re feeling daring, you name it. Sometimes easier said than done, but hey, A+ for effort, right?!

5. Hitting your daily 10,000 steps pacing the house with your newborn during the witching hour.

You might be walking in circles, but you know you’ll get your steps in and hit at least 10k.

6. Catching up on podcasts and TV shows during middle of the night feeds.

Okay, this one might be more for entertainment since your baby or toddler has already woken you up for another feed or to go potty. But since you’re already awake, enjoy your show of choice. It can be a great chance to detach from the stressors of your everyday routine!

7. Hiding out in your bedroom “responding to emails” while your partner entertains your child across the house.

Because making up an excuse is easier than asking for and explaining why you need a break. Sometimes mama needs a minute to breathe.

8. Letting your child climb on your back instead of visiting the chiropractor.

It might be more painful, and you won’t have a good adjustment, but at least your muscles are tender? Think of it as the deep tissue massage you never wanted.

9. Rushing through your nightly skincare routine while singing “wash wash wash your face, wash your face right now” in a cheery tone to your toddler.

Because maybe you can distract your tiny person for a minute as you wash off yesterday’s makeup and your dignity.

10. Thawing stashed breast milk to soften dry hands when you haven’t made it in for a manicure in what feels like a lifetime.

It isn’t called liquid gold for nothing!

11. Reading through pages of online motherhood forums during naps in place of regular therapy sessions.

To vent about how you have a million sweet (and *flattering*) photos of your partner and child, yet very few of you and your baby. Or to be reassured that you’re still a good mom if your 1.5-year-old is still taking a bottle. Or maybe to find solidarity in the everyday ups and downs of managing children, households, work, and life in general . . . virtual mom networks are a wonderful thing.

12. Making sensory bins or finger painting on the kitchen floor with your kid.

As a mom, your creative outlet options are unlimited!

13. Letting your little one hang out in their pack ‘n play with your phone, a snack cup, and the whole roll of toilet paper they’re currently obsessed with while you take a hot shower.

Even if you swore you’d be a zero-screen time family, you can give in. As a mom, you pick your battles and do what you must to look after yourself! No judgment or mom shame allowed!

14. Swapping date night for drive-thru donuts for your family breakfast.

Or chocolate chip pancakes for the whole family in the comfort of your own home on Saturday morning. Those intentional moments with your partner might be limited for this stage of life, but they’re more important than ever before.

15. Pretending to be sleeping in front of your child when they’re refusing to nap until both of you are happily dreaming.

This might involve camping out on the nursery floor and hand-holding through the crib rails, but at least your body is still for a moment.

Bonus: You might even squeeze in an impromptu stretch session for those achy muscles!

16. Putting your child to bed a bit earlier than normal.

6:00 pm and the sun is still shining? No problem! Pull the blinds, set up the sound machine, and give it a go. This is definitely self-care for moms. As long as they haven’t reached the age of telling time, you’re golden.

17. Using baby swim class as an opportunity to squeeze in some light cardio and aquatic therapy.

In case you haven’t tried it, wading back and forth while keeping 20-some pounds afloat to the tune of “this is the way we kick our feet, kick our feet, kick our feet” makes for more than just bonding and water safety!

18. Hosting pre-bedtime living room dance parties to get the endorphins flowing.

Trust me, while you’re burning calories, you’re also creating some of the best memories for the whole family!

19. Asking your child’s pediatrician for medical advice for yourself when you haven’t been able to schedule your own doctor’s appointment in months.

As it is, you share every cold and sickness your tiny human comes down with, anyway. It only makes sense!

20. Trying out different baby playgroups, parks, and museums weekly to make mom friends and socialize.

Your social life is likely (at least somewhat) different now from what it was pre-baby. Instead of the girl’s bathroom at the bar, you now make new friends at baby music class. It still matters, though, and should be nourished in a way that works for mom life!

Self-Care Still Matters in Motherhood

Life with kids is all about flexibility and doing what you have to do to get what you need done. Moms tend to be “naturals” at prioritizing the needs of everyone else around them before their own, but we still have our own needs to be met. Though taking care of ourselves in our journeys through motherhood might look a bit unusual at times and silly, we moms get innovative with our self-care and can make it happen. Just like with everything else in these frenzied lives we lead.


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