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Things You Really Wanted As Gifts From Your Baby Shower


Most moms have been there: you get home from your baby shower to open all your gifts only to realize that you received 30 newborn onesies and not much else. While you may be delighted by the tiny clothes, once the baby comes, you quickly realize that you are in dire need of baby items.

You may spend hours creating a registry or opt to let people go their own route when choosing your gift. In the end, babies need more than cute outfits and singing toys. So we spoke with seasoned moms to see what they really wanted at their baby shower. We asked about the items they, unfortunately, didn’t get. If you are a soon-to-be-mom, you may want to consider sharing this article with friends and family before your baby shower. You don’t want to be scrambling on Amazon Prime with a newborn trying to order a butt spatula (yes, this is a must) or infant Tylenol at 2 am.

Gifts You Really Wanted At Your Baby Shower

When asked what they really wanted as gifts at their baby shower, our network of moms said:

Butt spatula for diaper rash cream.

Baby Bum Brush

This is something you wouldn’t think of until your baby gets a little diaper rash and you are getting butt paste on every surface of your home because it will not come off your hands. Save yourself the trouble and buy a butt spatula. Not only does it save your hands (and furniture) from sticky butt paste, it helps spread the cream gently and evenly.

Comfy clothes for mom to wear when you get home.

We often forget about the mom when we buy a gift for a baby shower. But items for postpartum may actually add up quicker than baby items. Many moms mentioned wanting things for themselves, specifically comfy clothes like soft loungewear and breastfeeding-friendly tops and bras for breastfeeding mamas.

Fridababy items.

Fridababy BItty Bundle

Fridababy has an array of must-have items for your newborn. Invest in them now and save yourself the trouble of wondering how to get the snot out of your baby’s nose during their first cold (snot sucker) or how to solve their constipation (the Windi). They even have a great kit that includes some of their great baby products!

Gift cards.

Target gift card for baby

Sometimes, you don’t really know what you need until you need it. This is especially true when it comes to newborns. You truly have no idea if your baby will need newborn clothes or not. Or if they will require items to cure cradle cap. Or if they will need multiple pacifier types before finding one they like. Because of this, many moms said what they really wanted was simply gift cards, specifically to Target.

Uber Eats/Door Dash cards.

Doordash gift card

On the topic of gift cards, giving gift cards for food delivery (or delivering food yourself) was also something our moms really wanted. The newborn phase is hazy and hard, and sometimes it’s 8 pm, and you realize you haven’t eaten all day. This is where these gift cards come in handy! Another hot ticket item was a dinner train, which is when friends and family take turns making and delivering the new parents dinner each night.

Diapers, diapers, and more diapers.


You will go through diapers like water, especially in those first few months when dealing with blowouts and constant full diapers. Some of our moms suggested having a diaper shower (where people only bring diapers) or a diaper raffle at your baby shower to encourage guests to bring diapers. Those who did get this at their shower said they could stock up on diapers for over a year!

Toddler items.

When planning your shower or creating your registry, you are in full-on baby mode. And for good reason. But some great advice from seasoned moms is also to consider what baby items you will need in the future. This includes a convertible car seat (your baby will grow out of the infant car seat sooner than you think). And toddler-sized bath towels (the baby towels are incredibly tiny). Don’t forget baby gates (essential as soon as they start crawling) and clothes in sizes six months and up.

Baby essentials.

Baby items collage

These items may not be fun to buy but are necessary for all new moms. This includes infant medications such as Tylenol, gripe water or gas drops, bottles and bottle nipples, vitamins, a humidifier, an electric nail file, thermometers, and burp cloths.

Cleaning services.

Portrait of a housekeeper holding cleaning products while working at home and looking at the camera smiling

This was another big one. Many moms said they wish they had started a fund for a deep clean while they were in the hospital or a monthly cleaning service during the newborn phase. Cleaning often goes out the window when they are little. So knowing you have a little help in this department can go a long way for new parents. Similarly, some moms also mentioned wanting loved ones to help pay for dog walking or boarding services and lawn services.

Night nurses, lactation consultants, babysitters.

Night nurse holding and consoling the baby

Sometimes, these are a must for new parents who need extra help. But many new parents can’t afford to pay for them. Instead of adding a bunch of unnecessary items to your registry, consider asking friends and family to start a fund for help. This can be for a night nurse for the first month after the baby is born or for a monthly babysitter once you are ready for a date night.

Breastfeeding supplies.

Nursing items

Another thing that adds up quickly is items for breastfeeding. You need nipple cream, a breast pump, nursing bras and tops, a breastfeeding pillow, and more. And many moms said that even if they added these items to their registry, they were pretty much always left behind. As one mom put it, “Just grow up and buy my nipple cream!”

Big-ticket items.

Many moms wished they had gotten some of the more expensive items on their list rather than having loved ones buy a bunch of smaller items. The most popular items our moms wished for were:


The caps are vital here. There is nothing worse than trying to snap up a pair of footie pajamas at 3 am. And with spit-ups, blowouts, and drool, you will need more pajamas than you probably think. All of our moms said all they wanted in this department were footed two-way zipper sleepers.

Overall, though, an overwhelming amount of moms simply wanted their friends and family to stick to the registry they created. We know how exciting it can be to buy baby clothes and stuffed animals, but as new moms (and even second and third-time moms), we really need the items we ask for. If you are ever in doubt about what to buy for a shower, ask them to send you their registry. And as a new mom, make sure your registry is filled with all of the items above and any things you think you will need, even if it’s as boring as a butt spatula.

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