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The Real Scoop on Mommy Brain – Podcast Ep 75


Throughout pregnancy, many of us realize that we don’t remember as much as we used to. We’re not as quick-witted and are more forgetful. This is why the term “pregnancy brain” has come about. But did you know that there is also “mommy brain”? It’s true! Our brains change once we become mothers, even if we’re not the birthing mother, and we were fascinated by why this happens to mothers or the primary caretaker.

That’s why we are thrilled to be chatting with Dr. Mona Amin today about cognitive changes in motherhood. She’s dishing out the real scoop on mommy brain! Dr. Mona is a pediatrician, mom, and Enfamil’s Infant Development Expert. Her mission is to share balanced, well-researched parenting advice to lessen those big worries and help moms find more joy in motherhood.

During this episode, we discussed how to support your own cognitive changes (aka mommy brain) as a mother while also fueling your baby’s cognitive changes. Dr. Mona shared some really insightful points and tips for us parents. I know this topic is relatable for so many of us (myself included) and I am excited for you to dive in with us and learn more with Dr. Mona!

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