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The Cutest Baby Shower Invitations 2021

A baby shower is a wonderful time to celebrate the mom-to-be and her baby or babies! There are so many great themes regardless of whether you know the gender or not before the birth. Once a theme is chosen, the hostess can choose a coordinating invitation to mail to guests. We are sharing the cutest baby shower invitations that fit different themes and even types of showers. Everything from traditional and couples showers, moms of multiples, and baby sprinkles can be celebrated in their own way. Many of these invitations even include matching thank you notes, diaper raffles, and books for baby cards within the bundle. They can even be printed… Read More

How about a little something sweet? An adorable way to celebrate the new baby and mama is with a theme incorporating food of some type! There are so many precious themes like lemons, peaches, donuts, candy, and honey. These would be great for moms who do not know the gender since they will work for both baby boys and girls!

A really cute idea for a party is baby animals. There are so many different animal-related themes that would work for both boy and girl babies! From barnyards to bunnies and woodland animals, there are various types that can fit each occasion.

Full of bright colors and cheer, a tropical beach theme is perfect for the baby-to-be! There is even an option to make it a boy shower with a surfing theme. This theme would be perfect for a summer shower! Have it outdoors and serve refreshing foods like fruit to your guests. Decorate with flamingos, pineapples, and surfboards!

If you are looking to host a shower for a little boy, there are themes specifically tailored to that. From classic blue gingham to sports and space—I’ve found a little bit of everything for future boy mamas! There are so many neat themes to choose from that could fit any sweet little baby boy.

A sweet baby girl is a perfect occasion for all the girlie details! Celebrate with bows, pink, and flowers. There are so many gorgeous theme choices to choose from! You can easily incorporate as many of these details as you like into one beautiful shower.

Expecting twins? Twice the fun and celebration! This calls for special invites. There are themed invitations for girl twins, boy twins, and boy/girl twins with coordinating colors to match!

Joint baby showers are gaining popularity in recent years. They are a great way to include the dad-to-be and his friends as well! It is a fun time for all the friends to get together in celebration of the new baby. This is actually the type of shower we had for my son because I wanted my husband to be a part of the shower.

My mouth is watering just thinking about this theme! A fiesta is a fun and delicious way to celebrate. Mexican food, bright colors and décor work perfectly for a boy or girl baby. There are so many great ideas for how to decorate for this theme on Pinterest! I have had great luck at finding fiesta décor on Amazon for purchase as well.

A cute way to choose a theme is to do one based on the season it will take place! This could be spring, summer, fall, or winter. Finding the corresponding décor for these types of showers is quite easy since you can look to the holidays that take place in these time periods for inspiration!

A baby sprinkle is typically for a second or more time, mom-to-be. These have been a lot more common in the past few years. They are especially helpful when the new baby is a different gender than the previous baby! These are often smaller and tend to focus more on essentials like diapers, wipes, and clothing since most moms still have their big-ticket items. I think new babies should always be celebrated, so I really like this trend!

We hope you love this list of the cutest baby shower invitations as much as we do and that you find the perfect one that you have been looking for.

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