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Target Baby Registry Review – Baby Chick


Congratulations, you’re going to have a baby! You may have already started gathering ideas for the perfect nursery and purchased your little one’s first stuffed animal and onesie, but have you decided which items are must-haves for your baby registry and where to create your registry? While this part can seem tedious and overwhelming, it’s not as bad as one may think with Target’s baby registry program. With a modern design, customizable features, and competitive benefits and perks, Target checks off many of the boxes new parents are on the hunt for. Plus, it’s easy to use for both users and gift-givers. It even provides helpful recommendations when selecting products to add to your registry.

For a deeper dive into the Target baby registry, read on to discover more of its stand-out benefits, a list of the registry’s pros and cons, their most popular products, and how to get started.

7 Benefits of a Target Baby Registry

1. Completion Coupon

Let’s face it. Baby products are expensive. If you can score a discount on items that went unpurchased from your registry – or happened to decide on a last-minute must-have – it’s a win. With the Target baby registry, you’ll receive a 15% off coupon eight weeks before your expected due date. To receive the completion discount, your registry must have a few items added to it and be active for at least two weeks before your expected due date.

2. Universal Registry

When creating a digital registry, getting sucked into a dark hole of baby items is easy. If you spot a product you like on another website, you can easily add it to your Target registry to keep track of everything in one place. If a loved one selects one of the non-Target items off your registry, they’ll be redirected to purchase the gift on the site where it’s available. However, keep in mind that your Target registry won’t automatically update that gift as “purchased.” You’ll need to change it yourself manually.

3. Registry Checklist

From nursing supplies and bedding to travel gear and clothing, there are a lot of items to consider when building a registry. Fortunately, Target’s handy baby registry checklist breaks down key essentials into categories, removing the guesswork of what to add.

4. Free Welcome Kit

While discounts are great, nothing beats a goodie bag full of freebies! Once you create your registry, you can score a Target Baby Box that comes fully loaded with coupons and trial samples (think: bottles, baby wash, or pacifiers). If you’re in the store, head to the guest services counter and scan your special barcode that’s found on your registry homepage. You can also order it online and have it shipped directly to your home. Note that welcome kits may be subject to store availability.

5. Group Gifting

Did you fall in love with a stroller with all the bells and whistles (and a hefty price tag!) but are afraid to add it to your registry? With Target’s group-gifting feature, your friends and family can easily split big-ticket items over $100 by contributing any amount they wish towards the gift. Once the dollar amount of the item has been met, you’ll receive a digital Target gift card to use towards your in-store or online purchase. Guests appreciate this feature, and soon-to-be moms are happy they can get important items they need and want!

6. Label Your Must-Haves

There’s no denying that the teeny tiny booties and hats you added to your registry are adorable. While they’re on your list, they may not be what you really need. With your registry, you can select your must-haves — like that car seat you can’t get over and the sound machine that’ll be a lifesaver — so your guests know which present you really, really want.

7. Free Returns

We’ve all been there: we really love something, we buy it, and then, after a day or so, it dawns on us that it’s no longer for us. With so many options available at Target, it’s easy to come across a new brand or product that you may want instead. Luckily, you have up to one year to return or exchange any new, unopened gifts from your baby registry. You’ll receive the value of the returned item on a Target gift card that you can put toward anything you want in the store, baby-related or not.

How to Create My Target Baby Registry

target baby registry

Creating a baby registry can sometimes feel like another item on your to-do list. Since you have so much already on your plate in preparation for your little one, you want this process to be easy, smooth, and exciting. With Target’s website, you’ll make your registry in no time:

Go to and click on “Registry,” located on the top navigation bar (or click here). Then, select “Create a baby registry,” where you’ll be prompted to either sign in to your Target account or create a new one. From there, add in your expected arrival or adoption date, your baby’s gender (you can also choose to keep this a secret), and whether you’re having multiples. You’ll also be asked to fill in your personal information, such as your and your partner’s first and last name, phone number, and home address, so that items can be shipped directly to you.

If your partner wants to join in on the fun, you can invite them as a collaborator. This will allow them to add their favorites to the registry, so you both can divide and conquer.

How to Add Items to My Target Baby Registry

Hooray, your registry is set up, and now the fun part begins! Head to your registry dashboard and select “Checklist” along the top navigation bar. This will redirect you to the Target baby registry checklist, which organizes suggested items into twelve categories. This includes parenting, nursing, health, and feeding, to name a few.

After selecting a category, you’ll be given a dropdown menu of subcategories to review. For instance, if you choose the category “diapering,” you’ll be able to explore items within subcategories, like “diaper bags,” “diaper pail,” “changing pad,” and “wipes.” This will help you stay organized and keep you on track. We find this especially helpful because it’s so easy to get sidetracked when looking at baby clothes. Once you’ve narrowed down your favorites, click the “Add to Registry” button and continue working through each section.

Most Registered Products to Add to Your Target Baby Registry

To help you decide which items are preferred across the board, we’ve compiled some of the most-added baby registry items.

Diapers and Diaper Pails

Pampers Pure diapers

Babies can go through close to 2,000 diapers within their first year! So, it is no surprise that diapers and pails make it to the top of baby registries. Some of the most popular disposable diaper brands that parents have selected from Target range from Pampers Swaddlers to Pampers Pure Protection and Huggies Little Snugglers. As for diaper pails, many seem to stick to the beloved Diaper Genie, available in pink, blue, grey, and white to match your bundle of joy’s nursery.

Wipes and Creams

Natural, unscented wipes are the current name of the game in the parenting world. Veteran moms and dads have added Huggies natural care sensitive unscented wipes, WaterWipes biodegradable baby wipes, and Pampers sensitive wipes to their registries. You also can’t forget the tried-and-true Aquaphor baby healing ointment for likely diaper rashes or irritated skin.

Bathing Products

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub with Sling

Bathing your infant for the first time is an exciting milestone for parents, so having the right products by your side is a must for this unforgettable moment. According to Target, many parents have added these bath time must-haves: Johnson’s sleepy time baby gift set, Aveeno baby daily care set (fully loaded with a lotion and duo body wash and shampoo), and The First Years newborn-to-toddler tub with sling.

Sound Machine

Hatch Rest sound machine

Keeping your baby soothed while they sleep is a no-brainer. This is why moms-to-be are flocking to sound machines. The Hatch Rest sound machine is a best-seller on Target and popular addition to many registries. We love it too, and you can read our full review of it here.


Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play Mat

Although tummy time may be your little one’s least favorite time, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises two to three sessions a day for healthy motor development. To make it more of an enjoyable experience, parents are opting for interactive playmats. Two great options are the Bright Starts tummy time prop and play mat or Fisher-Price deluxe kick and play piano gym.

Pros and Cons of a Target Baby Registry

Target offers many benefits that make it stand out against competitors in the market. However, there are also a few shortcomings that moms and dads should consider.


Add Personalized Features to Your Registry

There are several ways to make your Target baby registry feel more personal to you and your baby:

  • Create a custom URL just for your registry.
  • Add a welcome message for visitors when they land on the page.
  • Add special notes to gifts if you want to request a specific pattern or color.

Track Gift Purchases

Although this may spoil the surprise of who purchased what from your registry, you can keep a log of what your guests gifted you and get a head start on your thank you cards.

Receive Year-Long Exclusive Deals

If you join Target’s free benefits program, Target Circle, you can access a year’s worth of exclusive deals and coupons on baby products, such as diapers, baby food and snacks, baby bottles, bathing products, and more.


You Can Only do Returns in Person

If you change your mind about a gift you received or accidentally get double of the same item, you can return them to any Target. However, it has to be done in person and at a specific store you selected. On your registry dashboard, select “start a return” and choose the location you would like to return it to. You’ll receive a special barcode only valid at that specific store.

Limited Quantity for Welcome Bags

While the welcome bag is a great perk of Target’s baby registry program, some moms-to-be have reported online that their local storefront had a limited supply. Contact a store in advance if you plan to make the trip in person. We recommend ordering it online and having it delivered to your doorstep.

Target Plus Items Cannot Be Added to Registries

As we explored the ins and outs of the Target baby registry, we found that Target+ items were labeled as “Not eligible for registries.” For example, several diaper bag brands, such as Maxi-Cosi and JuJuBe, are among those that cannot be added to a baby registry.

What Parents Love About the Target Baby Registry

With over 1,900 stores across the U.S., parents-to-be are guaranteed to have a Target in their vicinity that makes for easy shopping and fast returning. This also allows family and friends to quickly pop into any Target to see a potential gift in person. This is great for those who like to compare items before buying them.

Target’s baby registry also allows new moms and dads to easily build and edit their registry straight from their cell phones. This allows them to access it anywhere and at any time. They’ll receive above and beyond benefits, from the 15% completion discount and free welcome kit to the year-long return policy and group gifting feature. We can’t forget to mention that the registry’s dashboard is easy to navigate. Whether users are looking to add more items, follow Target’s helpful checklist, start a return, share their custom registry URL, or make updates, its intuitive layout makes it easy for every friend and family member.

The Target baby registry makes for an efficient and enjoyable experience for parents who already have so much on their plates. Toss in the countless perks, and it’s sure to stand out amongst other registries in the market.

Create A Target Baby Registry

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