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Skin + Me – Caroline Hirons


Skin + Me – £24.99 a month, UK only.

What you need to know
Prescription strength formulas offered by a prescription service.
You fill in an online profile, take pictures of your face at different angles and your request is looked at by a dermatologist who will then advise/approve your treatment plan.

Who is it for?
Skin+Me is for anyone with a serious skin concern, especially useful for those who either cannot wait over 2 years for an NHS dermatology appointment or cannot afford a private dermatology appointment.

You need this if…
You have a skin condition that requires a stronger product aka a licensed drug. This includes tretinoin, hydroquinone (at legal EU levels), azelaic acid, niacinamide and salicylic among others.

You don’t need this if…
You have balanced skin and nothing visible on your skin that you want to treat.


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