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Prevent Germy Mix-Ups & Visits to the Lost & Found with Mabels Labels


It’s that time of the year again when parents are counting down the days of back-to-school! My son has his first day back this Monday and he will be attending Primary A class at his Montessori school. I’ve been prepping all of his things and making sure he has everything he needs. He’s only 3-years-old but there’s still a good amount of stuff that’s required for him. And something that I’m very aware of is how common it is for kids his age to lose things. I’m being proactive so that we can prevent him from losing his things and avoid germy mix-ups and visits to the lost and found. What has helped (and what we’ve used since his very first day at school) are Mabel’s Labels. Their products are the cutest and easiest way to label kids’ items and are my go-to recommendation for parents preparing for back-to-school. Here’s why.

Mom squatting down as she prepares to take her son to school.

But first, what is and who are Mabel’s Labels?

Mabel’s Labels was started by four busy moms in 2003 out of a basement and has since grown to be an award-winning, market-leading company loved by Moms and kids alike. They are the best-known brand of personalized and durable labels for families. Their growing line of products includes baby bottle labels, allergy & medical alert products, sports labels, household labels, and seasonal items.

If you like it then you better put your name on it.

Putting a label on toddler boy's shoes.

Just like my son, I know that all of our little ones get attached to their things. Anytime something gets lost and they notice, it’s a big deal. And with almost anything, they’ll say, “that’s mine!” This is why adding a tag or a label to your kiddos’ items can ensure that their things won’t get mixed up and taken home by a fellow classmate. Here’s what we got for our son and our daughter.

For My Son — Little Kid School Combo

Mabels Labels Little Kid School Combo

For our son, we got the Little Kid School Combo. I love how they have school combos specifically designed for kids going back to school or daycare. This combo includes 122 extra-durable, waterproof labels perfect for backpacks, clothes, lunch containers, shoes, toys, and more.

Here are the specific measurements of each label included in this combo pack:

What makes this combo perfect for my toddler is this is the only one that includes their very popular Preschool Shoe Labels. These are designed to let toddlers match the two halves of familiar shapes, so they learn their left from right!

Toddler boy putting on his shoes that are labeled with Mabel's Labels.

For My Daughter — Daycare Label Pack

Daycare Label Combo Pack from Mabel's Labels

The Daycare Label Pack includes 54 labels and 2 tags. It’s the best way to get organized before sending your littlest ones off to daycare. They are perfect for labeling baby bottles, sippy cups, bibs, pacifiers, teethers, loveys, clothes, shoes, and much more.

Here are the specific measurements of each label included in this combo pack:

6 Reasons Why Mabel’s Labels is My Favorite

  1. You can completely personalize them and they are so cute. You can choose from dozens of adorable designs which mean there is something for everyone!
  2. Easy to order. All you have to do is select the combo that is right for your child, type in your kid’s name to personalize it, select a font for their name, and choose a design that fits your child’s likes and personality. Done!
  3. They make labeling my kids’ items easy. Once you receive them in the mail, just peel and stick the labels to all your child’s things to keep them coming back home at the end of the day.
  4. Extremely durable. Their labels are waterproof (meaning laundry-safe & dishwasher-safe) and microwave safe. You no longer have to worry about your tags or labels wearing off or coming loose. I was worried that the labels would come off, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised! stick them on the clothing tags (and not on the clothing material) and your tags will stick!
  5. Free shipping! There is no minimum. You will receive free shipping with your order.
  6. 100% guaranteed. A good company knows when they have a good product or service. It’s when they can say “100% guaranteed” to their customers. I’ve been 100% satisfied with all of my orders from Mabel’s Labels.
Mom getting her kids ready to go to school and daycare.

I no longer have to write my kids’ names with a permanent marker on their items. I’ve done it before and do not recommend. That would just bleed through their clothing and backpacks and ruin such sweet pieces. Not only that, because it would run together, it would be difficult to read. And writing their names on masking tape isn’t any better because it would just fall off after a few uses. With Mabel’s Labels cute personalized waterproof name labels and tags, we’ve been able to prevent things from getting lost or mixed up — stay away, germs!) They really are equally cute and durable! All of this is why we use Mabel’s Labels.

And now you can get 15% off your order by using our discount code: BABYCHICK15

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