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One Mom’s Storm and Rainbow – Podcast Ep 66


With National Rainbow Baby Day approaching — August 22nd — we want to shed some light on rainbow babies and talk to a mother who has been there. Listening to her experience and her love for both of her children has moved us and touched our hearts. We are honored to talk to her and to hear her rainbow baby story.

On September 22, 2016, Taylor Molitierno became a mother to her sweet daughter, Francesca Joy. She and her husband had to say hello and goodbye to their baby girl within the same day, and their loss became the catalyst for Taylor’s work in helping parents navigate stillbirth and infant loss. Taylor’s passion is in sharing her story through her health and fitness business. This led to connection after connection and story after story of other mothers saying, “I understand. I’ve experienced this, too.” Now, raising her 17-month-old daughter, Gioia, she has a passion for sharing her truth as a Mom “raising a rainbow.”

So many women have experienced losing a pregnancy/a child, and we feel like it’s important for those moms not to feel alone. We want to honor all of the mothers who have experienced loss. This is why we are so grateful to have Taylor here with us to talk about loss, rainbow babies, as well as her own rainbow baby story and what others need to know. We admire her strength and courage in sharing her life with all of us. Let’s welcome, Taylor.

During the episode, Taylor mentioned an incredible resource for grieving moms after infant loss called The Finley Project. It helped her immensely after losing her daughter, so we included this here for other mothers to find if they are looking for the same support.

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