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NEW Product: Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review


Baby Brezza has done it again! Now there is another great new way to automatically make a warm formula bottle when you’re on the go. We are big fans of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. It has made our lives so much easier when making formula bottles for our babies. And now they have come out with a NEW compact formula pro design perfect for the traveling family. We knew we had to try it and share our experience with all of you.

Have you been loving your Formula Pro Advanced but wished it was smaller so you could take it in your car, to grandma’s house, or on vacation with you more easily? This new design gives you all the convenience in a smaller package. We feel like Baby Brezza has answered our prayers! Say hello to the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini!

Woman opening up the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini box.

What is Baby Brezza?

If you are parenting a baby today, you have certainly come across the Baby Brezza line of products. Their tagline, “It’s about time,” says it all. Baby Brezza is a line of life-changing products that help parents get some time back during their busy days. They provide parents with everything they need, such as formula dispensers, food makers, diaper bags, bottle warmers, bottle sterilizers, and sleep soothing machines to make your nights with your baby a dream. Baby Brezza is here to make your life as a parent easier.

What is the Formula Pro Mini?

NEW Product: Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review

The Formula Pro Mini is a brand new compact formula bottle maker — the baby sibling of the original Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced, which we know and love! The Formula Pro Mini has many of the same features as the original but in a new, more compact design. It removes all the woes of mixing a formula bottle for your baby. With the Formula Pro Advanced and Formula Pro Mini, you no longer have to worry about losing the count of your scoops and giving your baby too much or too little formula. It perfectly distributes the right amount of formula to water ratio and mixes them to the ideal consistency for your baby. You also don’t have to hassle with a bottle warmer because they make your bottle at body temperature.

Like the Formula Pro Advanced, you fill the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini with your baby’s formula and water, set it to the proper formula setting, select how many ounces you need it to make, and it does the rest. It’s a time saver for the tired parent and a space saver for more confined spaces and parents who are on the go! If you have a smaller kitchen, like to travel, and want the convenience of perfectly prepared bottles at the touch of a button, then the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini is for you.

Similarities and Differences Between the Formula Pro Advanced and the Formula Pro Mini

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced and Formula Pro Mini

The Formula Pro Mini does many of the same things and has many of the same great features as the Formula Pro Advanced. It:

  • has a sleek design and easy-to-use LCD screen
  • automatically makes a warm formula bottle instantly
  • uses the same patented mixing technology as the Formula Pro Advanced
  • mixes and dispenses 2-10 ounces of formula to the perfect consistency every time
  • works with virtually all formula brands using the same formula setting as the Formula Pro Advanced
  • notifies you when you have made four bottles and need to clean the funnel
  • alerts you of any malfunction in your machine — warning lights to let you know that your unit is low on water, the lid is not closed properly, or the funnel is positioned incorrectly
  • has a water tank that is also dishwasher-safe

Here are the differences that we found between the two models:

Formula Pro Advanced

  • the water tank holds 50 ounces of water
  • has three temperature settings: room temperature, body temperature, slightly warmer than body temperature
  • it can dispense warm water only if you prefer warm water in the bottle without formula
  • formula canister holds 24 ounces of formula
  • works with all brands/sizes of bottles — no stand needed
  • Pricing: $229.99
Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini

Formula Pro Mini

  • 30% smaller size than FPA
  • the water tank holds 30 ounces of water
  • has one temperature setting: body temperature
  • formula canister holds 14 ounces of formula
  • works with all brands/sizes of bottles — however, for tall, skinny bottles, it requires a stand, which is sold separately
  • Pricing: $179.99

How to Use the Formula Pro Mini

NEW Product: Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review

Just like the Formula Pro Advanced, there is no guessing with the Formula Pro Mini model. The temperature icon will flash when the water has achieved body temperature and will let you know that you are ready to make your bottle. Fill up the formula canister with your baby’s formula and fill the water tank with the purified water for your baby. Make sure that you follow the directions to select the correct setting for your baby’s formula. You want to ensure that it will distribute the proper amount of formula for the ounce amount you want to make your baby. Then, press the ounce button to choose how many ounces you want the Formula Pro Mini to make. Press the start button, and voila! You’re ready to feed your baby!

Using this system is a breeze. Parents love that because of its compact design, they can now use their Formula Pro Mini in the baby’s nursery or in their master bedroom. You no longer have to go downstairs or to the kitchen to make a warm formula bottle for your baby. We also highly recommend purchasing a spare funnel to replace the dirty one when it’s time for cleaning. This is very convenient if you use your Formula Pro Mini in your bedroom or nursery and it will save you time cleaning when you are in a rush.

New Features

Because the Formula Pro Mini is 30% smaller than the original Formula Pro Advanced, it easily works with short, wide-neck bottles. If you have a medium-height bottle, just flip the drip tray upside down to accommodate your bottle size. And if you use tall skinny baby bottles, you can purchase a stand to make room for the height. The stand is sold separately.

NEW Product: Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review

Reminder on Ounce Measuring

Just like the Formula Pro Advanced, it is important to note that there may be variance in the amount of formula dispensed and the ounces chosen from the Formula Pro Mini due to the volume of formula and markings on bottles. Additionally, while Baby Brezza does its best to make sure there is little clumping as possible, some formulas do not mix as well as others, and clumps can occur. When this happens, a quick swirl or stirring of the mixture will do the trick.

Why the Formula Pro Mini?

Put simply, parents asked for it! Many families lead eventful lives. Parents want things to be compact and out of the way. So many parents, like us, love their Formula Pro Advanced and asked for a smaller option so they can more easily bring their Formula Pro with them while traveling. It’s also nice that the Formula Pro Mini accommodates smaller kitchens or other rooms in the house because it takes up less space but doesn’t sacrifice the quality of design or performance. The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini makes it all possible wherever you are!

Why We Love It and Recommend It

NEW Product: Baby Brezza Formula Pro MINI Review

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini gives you flexibility. You don’t have to be tied to your home because of your feeding system or only have great conveniences at home. Instead of messing with handheld dispensers and trying to get the perfect water temp from the tap, you can now grab your Formula Pro Mini and go. It is ideal to have on vacation, in the baby’s bedroom for those middle-of-the-night feedings, and more. No stumbling to the kitchen or wishing you had your Formula Pro while you were away.

What are Parents Saying?

Parents can’t get enough. Just read the reviews on the Baby Brezza site. They say it all. Parents rave about the compact design and quick bottle-making technology. Veteran parents are asking where this has been all of their lives! One reviewer said,

“Honestly, this is the best product ever! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini made the perfect temperature bottle in less than 15 seconds. Super convenient when traveling too! I love how small and portable, yet efficient the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini is. My baby actually prefers these bottles more than previously. Set up was super easy! Also super easy to take apart and clean. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and not hard to use (especially when you’re short on time!).”

I think it suffices to say that we all love our Baby Brezza products. They simplify caring for our babies and save us time, just as the company intends. We love our Formula Pro Mini and definitely recommend it to families. Run, don’t walk to grab this compact formula wonder. You won’t regret it!

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