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My friends at have launched today their fantastic #SunPoverty campaign which will hand out 30,000 high factor SPFs to pre-teen children in receipt of free school meals for the summer holidays.

As we all know, everyone should be wearing a high factor SPF everyday.
Escentual have launched this campaign as malignant melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the UK and numbers has nearly tripled in the past 30 years.
80% of sun damage happens before the age of 18.
Escentual’s initiative is campaigning to abolish VAT on children’s sun cream, educate young people on sun safety, and donate thousands of broad-spectrum SPF50+ to children in struggling families.

Significant sun exposure in childhood is the single most important risk factor for contracting melanoma and if a child or young adult experiences blistering sunburn it doubles the chance of developing skin cancer in later life. In 2018 there were 17,852 new cases and 2,764 deaths, and yet 86% of these cases would have been preventable by using broad-spectrum sun protection.

Escentual is set to distribute 50,000 sun lotions to children in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Wales via food banks this summer and is looking to expand the scheme across the whole of the UK in 2022.

The Escentual Broad Spectrum Protection for Kids SPF50+ comes in a 45ml bottle and will be available from Monday 7th June.
In addition to the 30,000 bottles being given away, they are also on sale for £6.95 and will donate an additional bottle for every one purchased, and the same goes for any Clarins, Eucerin or Bioderma sun lotions.
The sun creams will be handed out with kid-friendly educational leaflets for children to educate them on being safe in the sun, and how to apply lotion properly.

For more information or to support by buying one of their sun creams, please visit

Congratulations to Rakesh and the brilliant team at Escentual, what an amazing and much-needed initiative.




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