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Chick Picks: Best Bottle Warmers

Your baby is upset and crying–they’re hungry. Time is of the essence to get them fed! To do that, your baby may prefer a specific temperature of milk. Some babies have to have a warm bottle to be fed and using a bottle warmer will get you there safely! Luckily, there are so many bottle warmers with plenty of helpful bells and whistles to help you save time.

What is a bottle warmer?

A bottle warmer is a small and affordable piece of baby equipment that quickly warms breastmilk or formula in a baby bottle or milk storage bag. It also uses technology to ensure that the temperature of the milk doesn’t exceed a safe temperature for your baby to consume. Using one may depend on the preference of your baby when feeding. It may also depend on if you would like access to a more convenient method for preparing bottles.

What Features to Look For in Bottle Warmers:

  1. Safety: Does the bottle warmer have specific standards in place to keep your baby safe? What temperature settings are in place to ensure it doesn’t get too hot?
  2. Size: Do you want something compact, or do you have plenty of counter space to spare?
  3. Capabilities: Do you want the option to have the warmer help you mix bottles? Does it need to have digital or WiFi features? Or is just heating the bottle of breastmilk or formula efficient enough?
  4. Ease of Cleaning: Are there extra parts that need to be cleaned and sanitized? Can the device be quickly and efficiently wiped down or parts be put in the dishwasher?
  5. Price: The end result of a bottle warmer should be to warm the milk properly. Do you want extra features? Those features typically come at a higher price, while the more basic devices are much more affordable.
  6. Convenience: Does the device need the capability to be used for travel and on the go? Or will you only be using it at home?

12 Best Bottle Warmers For Your Baby

1. Baby Brezza Safe Smart Bottle Warmer

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This state-of-the-art warmer from Baby Brezza uses Bluetooth technology to work from your smartphone! Download the free app and connect to the warmer to operate. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. You may also use the LCD display instead of a smartphone.

The water tank holds 3 ounces of water and the device features two temperature settings: steady warm for breastmilk and quick warm for formula/baby food. The “steady warm” setting uses warm water to safely warm or defrost breastmilk. This allows the nutrients in breastmilk to be preserved and not overheated. The “quick warm” setting uses steam to rapidly heat formula or baby food in a timely manner. This warmer takes between 2-4 minutes to warm up a bottle or baby food, depending on the amount that needs to be warmed. This warmer has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Features 2 temperature settings
  • Uses steady warm water or quick warm steam to heat milk, formula, or baby food safely
  • Automatic shut-off prevents overheating
  • Bluetooth enabled using free app
  • It fits all brands, sizes, and shapes of bottles; milk storage bags; and baby food containers
  • Comes with 1 bottle warmer + 1 measuring cup + 1 instruction manual
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

2. Brown’s Deluxe Bottle Warmer

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Quickly warm breastmilk or formula using this bottle warmer from Dr. Brown’s. It features an easy-to-use and easy-to-read programmable LCD display with a one-button start function. When the warming is finished, it will use audio and flashing LCD visual alerts to notify you that the bottle or baby food is ready. We love its cycle memory feature that will allow you to repeat preferred warming cycles.

What’s really nice is that it uses steam to warm the bottle and boasts a large water tank. Because of this, it allows you to warm more bottles (sometimes up to 10 bottles) before needing to refill the water tank. The adjustable basket will fit most different sizes of bottles. We do want to mention that if you use wider bottles, like Comotomo or Tommee Tippee, they will not fit as well inside the warmer.

Other things that we appreciate about this bottle warmer are it will automatically shut off after 8 minutes of not being used for added safety. And once your baby is no longer drinking milk, you can use it to heat baby food for consumption. The device features a small footprint but is a little tall, so it won’t take space on your counter but be mindful if you have low cabinets.


  • Programmable LCD display
  • Warming cycle memory
  • Automatic safety shut off after 8 minutes of inactivity
  • It can be used to warm milk, formula, or baby food
  • Notifies when warming is complete using both audio and visual alerts
  • Large water tank which allows more bottles to be warmed
  • Adjustable basket fits most sizes of bottles
  • BPA-free

3. Phillips Avent Baby Bottle Warmer

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The Phillips Avent bottle warmer claims that it can heat milk or formula in as little as 3 minutes!* (They do specify that the warming time does depend on the milk volume, the initial temperature of the milk or formula, and the bottle material. So we say it’s really between 3-5 minutes if you have a bigger bottle that you need warmed.) What’s cool is that once it is heated, the newer version of this warmer will keep your milk warm for up to an hour! It does have an automatic shut-off feature once that time period has passed.

We also really like that it heats the milk evenly to avoid dangerous warm spots. And once it’s ready, a light on the warmer around the power button will light up to help you track the heating progress. There isn’t a noise alert, so be sure to check when that light turns on.

The warmer works on all Phillips Avent brand bottles and most other major brand bottles. It serves a dual purpose as it can also heat baby food jars. A defrost setting works to prepare frozen breast milk for consumption. Another nice thing is how compact it is and how it can fit in any kitchen!


  • Warms milk in 3 minutes*
  • Keeps milk warm for up to an hour before automatically shutting off
  • A light turns on that indicates warming progress
  • Heats milk and formula evenly, reducing the instance of warm spots
  • Works with all Phillips Avent brand bottles and most other brands
  • Can warm baby food jars
  • Defrost setting
  • BPA-free

4. Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer

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The Munchkin bottle warmer heats milk to 98.6 degrees (body temperature) every single time. What’s nice is that the warmer will hold it at this temperature for 30 minutes! It can be easily used by twisting the bottle into the base, flipping, and pressing start. The device comes with four adapters for bottle brands like Dr. Brown’s Original, Medela, Avent, and Tommee Tippee for a more accurate fit. (Check to see if this warmer has an adapter that will fit the baby bottle you use before purchase.)

We also love how small this warmer is. You can easily store it away, so you don’t always have it on your table or counter. Easily move it with you to another room to warm baby’s bottle. It accommodates any space and even the smallest kitchens!

Another thing we appreciate is that there is no water tank to fill. This eliminates an extra step for us parents. And to keep track of the warming process, check the digital display to see what temp it has reached. You can stop and start the warming process by holding the button for two seconds.


  • Heats milk to 98.6 degrees (body temperature)
  • Four adapters — fits most brands of bottles
  • Compact base
  • Press and hold to stop and start warming
  • No water reservoir to fill
  • Digital display
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty

5. Munchkin Precision Bottle Warmer

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We love how this Munchkin bottle warmer has a lift-out basket that will fit most brands of bottles or baby food jars. You won’t be burning your hands reaching into this warmer. The basket makes it easier and safer for you to handle. This warmer warms the milk or baby food evenly using the heated water from the water reservoir to keep your baby safe from hot spots. By doing this, it protects from the loss of precious nutrients.

This warmer has a backlit display that makes it easy to read even at night. The built-in water reservoir is a large size, allowing for multiple bottles to be warmed without refilling. That’s another benefit because parents don’t have to keep refilling after each use.

Once the bottle is finished warming, an alarm sound will alert you. We particularly like this because you don’t have to keep checking if it’s ready. You will hear it and be reminded that you can get your baby’s bottle. It also has a smart timer that makes it possible to save the last warming setting for next time. Love that! It also has an automatic shut-off feature for peace of mind.


  • Basket fits most brands
  • Backlit display
  • Alarm sound to alert finished warming
  • Warms evenly
  • Smart timer saves the last setting used for warming
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year warranty

6. Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro

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Baby’s Brew is a truly portable bottle warmer. You can take it anywhere or use it in the comfort of your home! It is small enough to fit in a diaper bag or car cup holder. It does not need to be plugged into a wall outlet to use and the warmer has up to 12 hours of battery life available!

This bottle warmer allows you to heat milk to the perfect temperature for your baby. You can choose 80 degrees F for when you are trying to get liquids to room temp, 98.6 degrees F – ideal for breastfed babies, 103 degrees F – is an option for all other liquids besides breastmilk, and 110 degrees F – which is the perfect temp to help with reflux. You can select the temperature you want by pressing the button on the bottom. Their slow heating technology (5-10 minutes) will help give an evenly heated bottle every time. The design fits most brands and bottles, but you will need to select the correct adapter to accommodate the type of bottle you use.


  • Cordless, battery-operated
  • 8-12 hour battery life
  • Adapters available for purchase for proper bottle fit
  • Travel-friendly; fits easily in a car cup holder
  • Heats safely at 4 different temperature settings
  • Select preferred temperature using a button
  • Slow heating technology helps ensure no dangerous hot spots in the bottle
  • No water reservoir to fill
  • Digital display
  • BPA-free

7. BEABA Ultra Fast Bottle Warmer

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The accurate timer of this BEABA bottle warmer allows bottles to reach the correct temperature according to size. BEABA claims that this bottle warmer will heat your baby’s bottle thoroughly in 2 minutes! The design fits all bottles, even wide neck models, which is nice. We like that the airtight lid keeps your baby bottle warmer for a longer period of time.

It has a 3-in-1 function that allows you to warm milk, sterilize bottles and bottle parts, and reheat your baby food. We also like that the BEABA warmer has a compact design. It will fit any countertop in even the smallest kitchen.


  • Heats bottles in 2 minutes
  • It fits all bottle sizes
  • Compact design fits even small kitchen counters
  • BPA-free and lead-free
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

8. Tommee Tippee Easi Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

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The Easi-warm bottle warmer is great. We really love how it’s compatible with any baby bottle (it can even fit a mason jar) as well as breastmilk storage bags and baby food jars. It has two temperature settings. These include warming from the refrigerator or room temperature. Just place the bottle inside, add water, and turn the dial to begin the warming process. It heats everything evenly within four minutes. As a bonus, it also features a keep warm setting. It includes indicator lights for easy usage even at night.


  • Warm baby bottles and food jars in just 4 minutes*
  • Two temperature settings — warm baby’s feed from fridge or room temperature, plus a setting to keep warm
  • Heats evenly to preserve nutrients
  • BPA-free

9. Chicco Digital Bottle Warmer

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Something cool about this Chicco bottle warmer is that it features a convenience delay for increments of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. We like how it can easily be used to warm or defrost milk. Starting temperatures include beginning at frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature. Warming can also be customized based on the size and type of container or bottle you have.

The soft, illuminated display makes it easy to see and use. Once the bottle is warmed and ready, a sound alert will go off to notify you. We like that it also has an automatic shut-off to prevent the bottle from overheating. The basket insert allows different sizes of bottles and jars to be warmed.


  • It can be used from three starting temperatures — refrigerated, room temperature, or frozen
  • Alerts using sound when ready
  • The basket insert allows different sizes of bottles and jars to be warmed
  • The illuminated display makes it easy to read
  • Automatic shut off
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year limited warranty

10. Kiinde Kozii

Kiinde Kozii Baby Bottle Warmer

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The Kiinde Kozii is another excellent bottle warmer. It allows parents to safely and quickly warm breast milk, formula, and food in storage bags, bottles, or jars of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our Editor in Chief has this bottle warmer and used it with her kids and loves it.

We think it’s cool that it’s the first and only warmer designed specifically to follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC and the USDA to safely thaw and warm breast milk using warm, flowing water. It basically acts as a running water bath to quickly heat your bottle. The safe heat technology allows high-speed warming using a low temperature, nutrient-safe water bath that is safe for breastmilk. The built-in timer eliminates the risk of overheating. Select the number and it counts down and automatically turns off.


  • Uses flowing warm water bath rather than steam
  • The onboard reservoir means no measuring or adding water with each use
  • Preserves unique nutrients found in breast milk
  • Follows all CDC and USDA guidelines
  • The built-in timer prevents overheating
  • Auto shut-off completely removes the heat source from the bottle
  • BPA-free
  • 1-year limited warranty

You have a lot of choices when it comes to bottle warmers for your little one! Hopefully, this list will help you navigate that choice and choose the best bottle warmer for your family. Enjoy shopping!

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