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Cerebelly Was Scientifically Developed to Foster Early Brainpower


The foods your little one eats within the first few years of life are essential to their growth and development. The nutrition they receive from fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein fuels the foundation for a variety of milestones, like memory, movement, speech, thought-processing, reasoning, and self-awareness.

Most importantly, during this time frame, their brain is close to fully developing. A baby’s brain doubles in size by six months and doubles again in size by their first birthday. By age three, it’s 80% of its adult size.

The more nutrient-dense the meals, the better for your baby’s brain. Unfortunately, undernutrition is a global dilemma and results in 45% of all child deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization.

To make matters worse, only one-in-three children who are six months to two years old are consuming a balanced diet–most are eating primarily grain-based meals with little incorporation of the remaining food groups.

That’s why Cerebelly, a science-backed, nutrient-dense baby food company came into the fold. Their high-quality purées that are fully packed with nutrients for each developmental window of an infant’s brain are now shaking up the industry.

What is Cerebelly?

Cerebelly products lined up on a counter.

Founded in 2019 by neurosurgeon and Stanford PhD developmental neurologist Dr. Teresa Purzner, Cerebelly was created out of a need for nutritional baby food options that would properly support their growing brain and body. For the mom of three, this meant purées that would include specific nutrients needed for each stage of brain development. “Not only is the brain just growing exponentially, it’s the only time in the entire life where your brain does grow,” says Dr. Purzner. “When it forms its neurons, the rest of the life uses those same cells — it just forms new connections between them. This early period of brain development is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to really get things right.”

Teaming up with renowned pediatricians, nutritionists, and food scientists, Purzner was able to scientifically formulate Cerebelly’s baby food to be packed with 16 key nutrients including vitamin D, iron, and zinc (which are considered essential by experts). On top of that, Purzner checked off everything else that parents are looking for: organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free, zero-added sugar, and vegetable first.

Baby girl holding a Cerebelly pouch and eating.

As an added bonus, the purées are actually tasty! With 19 uniquely-blended flavors, babies no longer have to suffer through the taste of plain peas and green beans. Instead, they can enjoy special combinations, like green beans and pumpkin, peas and basil, or peas with pears and spinach. The balanced mixture, which is loaded with the vitamins and minerals needed at a certain age, also helps nurture an infant’s tastebuds.

Parents can select pre-designed bundles or create their own, and add in smoothie pouches and snack bars as their baby transitions into toddlerhood. Each bundle is specifically created for every developmental milestone, so what is recommended at the five to seven-month marker will vary from the 18 to 20-month pack.

Toddler girl standing up eating a Cerebelly bar.

5 Reasons Cerebelly Stands Out in the Market

Cerebelly has been making waves across the industry, all in a matter of three years. By merging neuroscience with nutrition, working alongside science and culinary experts, and focusing on nutrient-packed foods, it’s no surprise that the young company is standing out against competitors. Here are five additional reasons it’s becoming a reigning brand.

1. Spoonable Purees are Made of Nutrient-Dense Recipes

Say goodbye to boring old mixtures. Cerebelly baby food is currently available in 19 flavors, including black bean sweet potato, butternut squash white bean, broccoli pear, carrot chickpea, and pea basil. Their combinations include 3 smoothie-inspired, 13 vegan purées, and 3 bone broth-based purées.

Cerebelly pouches laying down.

2. Developed for Each Stage of Brain Development

Cerebelly is the first and only children’s food brand on the market to combine up-to-date child nutrition and developmental neuroscience. With 16 brain-supporting nutrients – such as vitamin A, lutein, iodine, zinc, and folate, to name a few – each purée is formulated with a baby’s growing brain in mind.

3. Ability to Create a Personalized Bundle

While parents can select an already-designed food plan, a personalized option is also available. Select either a small, medium, large, or family-sized box and choose the items that best fit your baby’s needs. If you’re unsure of where to start, Cerebelly provides a quiz that will help determine which flavors can meet your baby’s needs, depending on their age, developmental milestones, and food preferences.

4. Food is Scientifically Formulated and Backed by Decades Worth of Research

With a PhD in developmental neurobiology from Stanford University, Purnerz spent years reviewing scientific reviews. She discovered how various regions of the brain grow and peak at different times, with each requiring their own set of nutrients. As a result, this research formed the basis of the vitamins and minerals chosen in Cerebelly’s products.

5. The Company Donates to Children in Poverty

As a partner of Baby2Baby, a nonprofit that provides diapers, clothes, and other necessities to children in poverty, Cerebelly donates a portion of their production to kids in need.

Top Benefits of Cerebelly

Cerebelly bars

Purées are free of allergens.

With vegan-based options and products free of eight different allergens (dairy, eggs, shellfish, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy), Cerebelly is music to a parent’s ears. All baby food is also gluten-free – another big win!

They’re also free of heavy metals.

When recent news of popular baby food products containing heavy metals, moms and dads began tossing out cabinets’ worth of food. Cerebelly is the first shelf-stable food with the Clean Label Project Purity Award, meaning all products have been independently tested for over 400 different contaminants, from heavy metals and chemicals to plastics, pesticides, and other toxins.

They contain zero added sugars.

Yes, you read that right. All sugar in Cerebelly is naturally-derived from the vegetables and fruits used. Each flavor also features a vegetable as the first ingredient listed on the nutritional facts, in comparison to other brands that include fruit-first ingredients.

Young toddler girl reaching for a pouch ready to eat.

Features an “organic nutrient blend.”

Cerebelly has crafted a special blend of vitamins and minerals that are extracted from ground-up vegetables and seeds. These include spinach, squash seeds, kelp, maitake mushrooms, chlorella, and sunflower seeds. Packaging is BPA-free: You won’t find harmful plastics here. All pouches and caps are BPA-free, BPS-free, phthalate-free, and melamine-free, so you can ensure your baby is always safe.

Offers a free recycling program.

In partnership with TerraCycle, a New-Jersey-based recycling company, all Cerebelly pouches can be recycled for free. Customers can download a free shipping label to ship their pouches to TerraCycle and the company will recycle them. By recycling, you can also earn TerraCycle points, which can be redeemed in the form of a donation to a school or charity of your choice.

Why Do We Recommend Cerebelly?

Cerebelly in a diaper bag.

Packed with nutrients. Check. Free of sugars, heavy metals, and allergens. Check. Personalized and custom options. Check. How about organic produce? Check.

With a commitment to providing high-quality products, Cerebelly couldn’t just stop at providing recipes loaded with all the essentials. They also ensure to select, vet, and rigorously test each farmer and supplier they use. That not only includes the fruits and vegetables, but also the legumes, grains, and spices that are incorporated into their recipes.

Cerebelly begins their process by reviewing the reputation and standards of each farmer and supplier. From there, they cross-check all organic and non-GMO certifications and food safety audits. And if any batches are found to contain high levels of lead or heavy metals, it is tossed out and never sold.

No matter the product you choose from Cerebelly, you can guarantee it is safe and healthy for your growing infant and is made with your family in mind. Now you can worry less about what your baby is eating and focus more on enjoying the amazing milestones your baby will achieve.

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Toddler girl sitting on the floor with Cerebelly products.


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