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Best Products for That “No Makeup” Makeup Look


Fresh-faced and looking like you put minimal effort into your beauty routine is my favorite look to create! The “no makeup” makeup look is perfect for any time, but I especially love it for work. It helps you look put together and your best without looking like you spent hours getting there! Truly the best of both worlds. I’m sharing the steps I take and the products I use to create my own “no makeup” look.

Best Products for a “No Make-Up” Make-Up Look

Over the years, my morning skincare routine has looked mostly the same. I started in the spring of 2020 only cleaning with water when I woke up and think my skin has benefitted from doing so. Feel free to try it for yourself! If you would like to cleanse your skin with more than water, these are a few of my favorite products to use.

Regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not, SPF should always be part of your morning routine! I like a lightweight one that you can even forget you’re wearing at times. These are a few tried and true favorites of mine.

Priming your skin for the products you will be using is key. The primer helps fill in pores and uneven areas in the skin. This will help your makeup go on more smoothly, making the result much more flawless! There are many different types of primers on the market. Here are some I have used myself.


Even Out Your Skin Tone

This is the part of the “no makeup” routine that really gives you that look you are going for. A BB Cream, CC Cream, or Tinted Moisturizer is more lightweight than a foundation. It will still offer some coverage but does not cover your face as heavily. Some of these even have built-in SPF! I still will apply my regular SPF and think of the added SPF as an extra layer of protection. I prefer to apply these products with a damp sponge or beauty blender to even out your skin tone. This will allow it to blend effortlessly into your skin. These are the products I have found that work the best and stay on the longest.

You can skip this step if you do not have any problem areas you would like to conceal. I think most people have undereye areas that need a little brightening—especially us tired moms. Use a concealer to help you at least appear well-rested! This is also the time to cover any blemishes or anything else you would like to. I like to blend my concealer in using a damp beauty sponge. These are some of the concealing products in various price ranges that I have found work well.

A dash of bronzer and blush goes a long way in helping you obtain a bit of glow! Add the bronzer to the cheek and outer areas of the face lightly. Use blush to highlight the cheekbone. Here are various bronzers and blushes I have used that will give you a nice glow.

This step could be as simple as combing through your eyebrows. Often, this is what I do since mine do not need a lot of extra help. Sometimes I use a clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place. I also do use a tinted brow gel when I want to even them up a bit more! These are my favorite brow gels.

I do not do eyeliner or eyeshadow for my “no makeup” look to keep it a bit more natural-looking. Instead, I curl my eyelashes, add a lash primer, and then mascara to accentuate the eye area. Mascaras are one of my favorite beauty products, so I have done a lot of research in this area. Do not skip the curling or primer, and remember, a good mascara does not have to be expensive! Here are my favorite products to give your lashes a flirty vibe.

When doing a “no makeup” look on myself, I typically do not add anything to my lips. At most, I will do a little Aquaphor. However, when I do add a lip color, I like to go with a matte lipstick since they are more long-lasting. I suggest penciling in your lip before applying your lip product to help it look its very best! I would select a very neutral color that compliments your skin tone. Here are my favorite lip products to get the best pout possible.


Lock It In For The Day

This is such an important step if you need your makeup to last for several hours. I always spray my face as soon as I have finished applying all my products. I like to spray it in a “T” followed by an “X.” Be careful not to spray too much or it will have the opposite effect on your makeup. Here are the setting sprays I suggest to lock in your look.

Having some go-to products for that “no makeup” look will make it easier for you to feel beautiful without worrying so much about putting on a full face of makeup! Which of these products do you love? Are there some you’d add to our list?

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