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When you first find out you’re expecting a new bundle of joy (YAAAYY!!), there are so many important tasks on your to-do list before baby’s arrival. One of your first jobs as a parent is selecting the baby registry that will organize all the items you need for those newborn days and beyond. Various quality baby registry sites can help you and your friends and family easily purchase that perfect glider chair, the softest swaddling blankets, and even all of the feeding supplies for the new mom and baby. We’ve taken out the guesswork and collected what you need to know about the best baby registry sites. Check them out below!

Best Baby Registry Sites

When selecting which baby registry is the best fit for you, there are some things you’ll want to consider. For instance, do you, your friends, and your family prefer in-person or online shopping? Some baby registries are online-only, better in person, or offer a combination of both.

What kind of details are most important to you? Some new moms-to-be carefully watch their budget and want the most bang for their buck. Others care more about high-end pieces that are aesthetically pleasing or made with organic materials.

These are some questions to consider when selecting a baby registry:

  • What stores are nearby for you, your friends, and your family?
  • Do you prefer online or in-person shopping or a combination of both?
  • What price range works for your budget? Also, what price range will make gift-giving accessible for others in your life?
  • What is most important to you: price, quick shipping to your door, high-quality products, or aesthetics?
  • Which kind of items do you want on your registry: Basic baby items, high ticket items, nursery décor, or a mixture?
  • Are you going to stick to items for the new baby, or do you also want to include items for your postpartum needs?

After reflecting on these questions, read on to see which of our best baby registries matches your family’s needs best. We’ve done all the work for you and highlighted the pros, cons, and special features of each of the best baby registries available.

Amazon Baby Registry


Amazon’s baby registry is a one-stop-shop for your newborn baby and new mom essentials. You’ll get various brand and style options for every item you need. Amazon’s baby registry is accessible and affordable for all of your guests, no matter their location or budget.


Beware of lesser-known brands, and check the reviews to ensure you request quality items. And there’s the obvious – for those who prefer in-person shopping, this isn’t an option.

Why we love it:

Amazon is an excellent choice for your baby registry and is one of the most popular baby registries. They have everything you could possibly need or want for your baby. And I mean everything!


Amazon’s baby registry boasts many perks any mom-to-be is sure to love. You get the same Prime shipping and a large selection of brands you already know and love, plus these other features:

  • Group gifting: Individuals can contribute their desired amount of money to purchase a larger group gift. This comes in handy when your friends and family want to gift you the perfect stroller or that glider chair you’ve been eying for the nursery.
  • Diaper fund: Guests can also contribute to a special diaper fund, which designates money to go towards diapers of your choice sold on Amazon. A special Registry Diaper Discount also activates once $500 worth of registry items have been purchased for you. You’ll be saving money on diapers long after the baby shower is over!
  • Third-party shipments: Guests can easily choose to send the gift to any address, and a gift-wrapping service is also available.
  • Need help tracking thank you cards? Amazon’s registry has a thank you list management system that shows you the names and addresses of those who have purchased items for you. You can also check them off when you’ve got each note signed, sealed, and delivered.
  • A completion discount: You can purchase the remaining items on your list for 15% off. This applies to items still left on your registry for 60 days before and after your listed baby’s due date.
  • After you have at least 60% of the baby registry checklist complete (a list of essential baby items you should have on your registry) and have spent $10, you’ll get a free registry welcome box.

Register at Amazon Here

Buy Buy Baby Registry


Baby items are the store’s specialty. You know you’re getting the best selection of baby items around, and you’ve got plenty of style options to choose from. It’s also a great advantage that there are stores located nationwide. If you have a friend or grandparent that prefers to shop in the store (or pick up a gift last minute!), the Buy Buy Baby Registry is a perfect choice.


There are fewer on-ground stores (especially compared with other registry locations such as Target or Walmart).

Why we love it:

Buy Buy Baby Registry provides one-on-one help with your baby registry. This means you have access to a baby registry expert who will give personal advice on building your registry. You won’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with all of your options – they’ll help you find the perfect items for your growing family! Check out our review about it here!


Buy Buy Baby’s Registry offers a variety of other features and tools that make its registry competitive and unique:

  • Registry tools like an interactive checklist, a baby registry analyzer to ensure you’ve picked all the essential items, and a thank you note tracker.
  • Freebies: You’ll receive a free goodie bag just for signing up for your baby registry with loads of sample items and coupons.
  • Baby registry completion discount: You’ll receive 15% off the remaining items on your registry.
  • Baby registry free shipping: After $1,500 is spent from your registry, you will automatically earn free shipping for a year after your baby arrives. This means you can keep ordering items you need as the baby grows and get them sent directly to you for free!
  • Baby registry referral rewards: Send other expecting friends to Buy Buy Baby’s Registry, and you can earn $25 off a future $100 purchase.

Register at Buy Buy Baby Here



No matter where your friends and family live, there’s probably a Target nearby! This is great for in-person shopping, making online orders for pick-up in store, and their drive-up option. Target also offers free two-day shipping for your registry items for those who prefer online shopping.


Target is more limited in the brand options available than some other registries (like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart). But keep in mind what they do have is generally loved by new moms of all kinds.

Why we love it:

You, your friends, and your family members are probably making a Target stop sometime soon. Having your registry at Target allows them to easily grab your baby shower gift along the way! 


  • Registry discount: You’ll receive a 15% coupon for the remaining registry items eight weeks before your baby’s due date.
  • Free registry returns: You have up to a year to return items from your registry that you find out you don’t need after all.
  • Free welcome kit: After you sign up and complete your registry list, you’ll receive discount coupons and trial samples with a $100 value.
  • Gift tracking: Easily track who purchased items for you and who you’ve thanked.
  • An interactive checklist tracks what’s on your list, what’s been purchased, and the remaining items.
  • Group gifting option: Guests can contribute together to purchase high-ticket items.
  • Personalize your page: You can add your photo, URL, and other information to personalize your family’s registry page.
  • Universal registry: If you find items outside of Target that you need, you have the option to add them to your registry. Simply add their special bookmark to your browser, and it will be added to your Target registry.

Register at Target Here



Babylist is a true universal registry. You will add a bookmark to your browser bookmarks or favorites bar and use this tool to add items from any website and add any item to your registry. Read our full review of why our Editor in Chief loves it!


Because Babylist links take you off the site (unless you specifically have an item from the Babylist store), guests have to go back onto your registry to check an item off as sold.

Why we love it:

You can mix in items from any store or brand, which gives you endless options for your registry. If you want nursery items from Crate and Barrel, essentials from Walmart, and things from your favorite kid’s clothing store, or even Etsy, these options are all on the table.


  • Babylist store: They have their own store where you can also add items directly from their shop, including well-known brands and more unique gifts from boutique shops.
  • Hello Baby Box: After you add six items to your Babylist registry and spend $10, you’ll get your freebie box with trial baby items.
  • A 15% registry completion discount to the Babylist store.
  • Download the Babylist app to access your registry on any device on the go! iPhone, iPad, and Android apps are all available.
  • Sample registrations allow you to see other registries for ideas that may fit your needs and style. “Twin Baby Registry,” “Minimalist Baby Registry,” and “Baby on a Budget Registry” are just some of the sample registrations available.
  • Product reviews and guides help you determine the best items for your needs.
  • Help and Favors: This allows you to add pre-designed coupons for personalized gifts, depending on your needs. Add coupons for dog walking, used baby clothes, meal prep, and baby holding while you shower!
  • Create cash funds for a diaper fund, meal fund, doula fund, or anything else you are saving for.
  • You’ll also receive plenty of free insert cards for baby shower invitations to easily let people know how to buy gifts for you.

Register at Babylist Here

Pottery Barn Kids


If beautiful, long-lasting items are what you want, Pottery Barn is your place. They are known for high-quality pieces that will look great in your home while also functional. 


Pottery Barn items will be higher priced than others, so be sure that your budget (along with your friends and family’s) allows for this.

Why we love it:

If designing the perfect nursery is high on your priority list, you’ll have access to a Baby Design Crew, which gives you individualized nursery design tips and support.


  • PBK’s Baby Registry App allows you to manage your registry, look for nursery inspiration, browse their baby collection, and scan items straight from your phone.
  • 20% completion discount for two months prior and to six months after baby’s due date.
  • Their items include organic bedding and Greenguard gold-certified furniture to ensure the highest safety standards for your newest addition.
  • You can call for one-on-one advice from one of their registry experts.
  • Their name personalization service will add your little one’s moniker to make your gifts extra special.
  • Easily see which gifts have been purchased with the interactive gift tracker.

Register at PBK Here



Everyone knows Walmart, and this is the store most likely to be close, convenient, and affordable for most people.


While Walmart is making improvements in the fashion arena, style isn’t exactly what they’re known for. If decorating an enviable nursery is high on your priority list, this may not be your shop.

Why we love it:

Everyday low prices make purchasing anything on your list easy for shoppers of all income levels. You’re very likely to be able to receive or buy everything on your list with your Walmart Baby Registry!


  • Free baby registry welcome box: You’ll receive one just for signing up for Walmart’s registry!
  • In-store pickup makes it easy to shop online and then swing by the store to grab.
  • You and your guests will get next-day delivery for registry orders worth $35 or more.
  • You can easily shop by category, find nursery trending items, and shop bestsellers from many well-known baby brands like Munchkin, Haakaa, Safety 1st, and Frida Mom.

Register at Walmart Here

Selecting the best baby registry may seem overwhelming. Hopefully, our list will help you easily review your options and pick what works for your family. You really can’t go wrong with any of these registries. They all provide just what you’ll want at your fingertips when baby arrives. And once you are holding that sweet little child in your arms, you’ll find that your love and affection are all they really need.

This article contains affiliate links. These opinions are our own. However, if you buy something, we may earn a small commission, which helps us keep our content free to our readers. Check out our Chick Picks Shop to see more of our recommended products. It’s our carefully curated shop of products we love and recommend! ❤️

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