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Babylist Baby Registry Review – Baby Chick


Ah, the baby registry. This can be one of your favorite parts of pregnancy or one you dread. Some people love shopping around at different stores and have a registry here and one there, while others just dread it. If you are the latter, then we have a solution for you. Enter Babylist, the one site you need that will bring all your registries together and help score your gift-givers the best deals. Here is our review of the Babylist registry.

How Does Babylist Work?

Creating a Babylist registry is simple. You follow a few prompts and answer a few questions, and you are good to go. You don’t need to enter all your information, like shipping address and phone number, to get started. This is a nice feature because it allows you to do what you want, shop! So let’s get down to it.

Babylist will enable you to create one concise registry with gifts from your favorite stores, including buybuy BABY, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and even Etsy and the Babylist online store. When people want to shop your registries, they only have to come to one place, and it is all there for them — pretty cool stuff.

How Do You Start Your Babylist Registry?

First, you have to add the Babylist bookmark to your browser. This is how you add items to your registry. Here is the fun part, the shopping! Let’s say you want to start your shopping at Target. Find something you like, click “add to Babylist” on the bookmark, make sure it has the image you want, the correct price, select what category you want it under, and it is on your registry. Super simple and fun to do.

You can register at big box stores and online retailers, and you can also support local and small businesses by clicking on their websites and adding gifts to your registry. It is a fantastic way to support friends and family if they own businesses. On the app, it is just as simple to shop and click “add to Babylist.” It creates your registry the same way.

Perks of Babylist

Babylist has a Hello Baby Box to give you an awesome gift when you register. There are a couple of steps, and you must register for three items on Babylist’s website and three items on another site. You have to purchase $10 and pay the shipping fee for the box. It’s a fun way to kick-start your registry and get a look at some hot baby items. You never know; you might find your favorite baby item in the box —worth the minimal work you must do.

The Pros

You can choose from thousands of items to add to your Babylist registry. You just add the bookmark add-in or use the Android or iPhone apps. Shop and click, and you are on your way to building a custom registry from all kinds of retailers. You can also shop directly from Babylist, which has access to many major brands and even some exclusives that aren’t available at the big name stores.

In addition, items purchased from Babylist have a nine-month return window; technically, they say 270 days. Babylist lets you add unique items to your registry as well. Say you are adopting and would like help with flight and other travel expenses. There are many options for non-traditional gifting. Your friends and family can even sign up to bring you a meal.

Another cool feature is the buying options from different sites and seeing the product prices at multiple stores. This is an excellent way for your gift givers to save a little money while still purchasing something you want. That is a win/win.

The Cons

The gift giver must check the item off of your list after purchase. This can be an extra step that some purchasers miss, leading to duplicate gifts you must return. Speaking of returns, while Babylist has an extended return window, if a gift comes from another site, you are bound to their return policies. The buyer has to get the receipt to give to the recipient for them to make returns. Unlike many in-store registries, there are a lot of extra steps. It can be unfriendly to the purchaser.

What Are Parents Saying About BabyList?

Check out the Babylist registry reviews if you want to see what parents are saying about it. The Apple App Store has 71,000 reviews and a 4.9 out of 5-star rating. “I hate being tied down to just a few stores when it comes to registering as I like a lot of items from different places. Which is one of the things I love about this app. It lets you search from any store you want and add it to your registry,” one review reads.

Others are not as complimentary while reviewing the Babylist registry. “I did like that you can search for whatever item you want to add from any store & consolidate everything on one complete list. However, it was very difficult for guests to check out, especially if they wanted to buy from multiple sites that were at different stores. They had to checkout for each site separately & also had to pay shipping through EACH site. A lot of people tried to search for items at the same store to avoid this, which would’ve been the same as if I found one store to do my registry.

The Final Word

For the most part, Babylist is an excellent registry option. It needs to work out a few kinks to make it simpler for the gift giver, but if you are looking for a way to keep all of your registry items in one place and a way to shop efficiently, the Babylist registry is for you. It is also a great way to put unique gifts and experiences on your registry that aren’t available elsewhere. We say give Babylist a try, if for no other reason than to be able to compare prices and get your purchasers the best deal possible so that you and baby are ready to roll.


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