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Baby Shower Cakes We Love


Whether you are the guest of honor or the host, a baby shower is an exciting time. There is so much planning for these parties, from the theme to the decorations to the baby shower games to the baby shower cakes. Coming up with all of the specifics may seem a bit daunting.

Thankfully, we have you covered with baby shower cakes, no matter your theme or the type of party you are throwing. We have ideas below for girls, boys, and gender-neutral cakes to have the best decorated and delicious cake possible!

Baby Shower Cakes We Love

Baby Shower Cakes For Girls

Ombre and Swirls Cake

This gorgeous cake is simple and features swirly pink frosting as an ode to your upcoming baby girl. If you are looking for something easy, this one is a great choice. You don’t even need to do the ombre coloring if it’s too much. You can use plain pink for the whole thing.

Queen and Princess Cake

For a cake that pays homage to the royalty of both mother and baby girl, check out this mommy and baby princess crown cake. This one is a great cake to recognize both special girls come baby shower day. Not only are there crowns, but they are displayed on a beautiful pillow cake.

Mermaid Cake

You can use this gorgeous mermaid cake for many occasions. However, it makes the perfect baby shower cake for a girl. With a mermaid tail, shells, starfish, and other details, it is sure to fit any under the sea theme. Learn how to make this cake here.

Unicorn Cake

You can easily add a unicorn to your round cake with these touches. The set comes with a horn, ears, and eyelashes to turn any cake to fit your magical baby shower theme. You can decorate the cake any color you want, depending on the look you want.

It’s a Girl Cupcakes

To make your pink cupcakes truly stand out, this “It’s a Girl” cupcake kit has everything you need to create beautiful cupcakes for your baby shower. There are 24 cupcake rings, pink foil baking cups, and even pastel pink sugar sprinkles to add some sparkle to your cupcakes. Buy the kit here.

Butterfly Cake

This theme for a girl’s baby shower cake has so many possibilities. You can pick whatever kind of butterflies you want to include or that are your favorite. This pink butterfly set includes an “It’s a Girl!” sign to make your cake complete.

Ballerina Cake

If your baby girl’s shower includes a ballet theme, this cake is a perfect example of what to include. From the toe shoes to the beautiful pink details, this cake is ideal. You can really play with the details on this one to find the perfect look.

Sunflower Cake

Sunflowers are another great baby shower theme to consider, and this cake combines the two beautifully. With bright flower details and a baby sign, this cake will be a hit with party guests. It’s a perfect summer baby shower option and these flowers are a great choice.

Fox Cake

Add a decorative floral crown, and you have one fancy girl fox cake for your baby shower. The crown features beautiful pastel pink and white rosettes and leaf piping to complete the look. This one is a cute choice for a woodland theme baby shower. Buy the cake here.

Nursery Cake

Decorating your nursery is an exciting time. Why not depict it in cake form for your baby shower? This cake features a crib on the top with a pink blanket and pink dots on the rest of the cake for a super cute look.

Pink Baby Carriage Cake

This pink baby stroller cake is a great way to showcase that you have a little girl on the way. This one is simple to make, and you can add any details you like. It is a fun and highly customizable cake. Learn how to make it here.

Floral Crown Cake

For more of a minimalist cake, check out this floral crown cake. This cake is perfect for a baby shower and is also really simple to make. If you don’t have a big sweet tooth during pregnancy, this “naked” cake look with a flower crown is perfect. There are charming details with minimal decorations. Learn how to make it here.

Sugar and Spice Cake

For a cake that alludes to the fun saying, check out this sugar, spice, and everything nice cake. This cake looks like it takes a ton of work, but the effect is worth it! It includes making all the decorations and features three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Who doesn’t love strawberry lemonade? This cake is a great option, especially for a summer baby shower. The flavor combination is delicious, and the gorgeous pink frosting is just right for your little girl’s baby shower. Find the recipe here.

Strawberry Cupcakes

These adorable strawberry cupcakes are cute for any baby shower. They are easy to make and fit the theme. Between the cute pink frosting and the little ducks on top, you will be happy with these. Find the recipe here.

Sunflower Cupcakes

If you like the sunflower theme but want to do cupcakes instead of a large cake, this sunflower cupcakes recipe is a great choice. They are simple to make and super cute for a fun flower theme. Find the recipe here.

Angel Food Cake

For a light cake option, check out this angel food cake. The gumdrop rose petals make for a nice touch when having a baby shower for a little girl. These are a delicious choice. Find the recipe here.

Baby Shower Cakes For Boys

Nautical Cake

Nautical themes are big for a baby shower for a boy. This cake is so cute and hits on this theme magnificently. The sailboat on top and the waves cascading down the cake are perfect.

Dr. Seuss Cake

You’ll undoubtedly be reading some Dr. Seuss soon, so why not get started with this fun baby shower theme? This Dr. Sesus cake is a great addition to your party. You’ll remember this theme with adorable literary characters for years to come.

Beach Cake

Beach-themed cakes can make for a ton of fun. This cake is a fun choice whether you have an entire beach theme or a nautical theme. The blue will add to the boy baby shower theme.

Baseball Cake

There is no doubt that baseball often goes hand-in-hand with little boys. It can make for a fun baby shower theme because of this, and you will want the right cake to match. Check out this cake, complete with baseball hats on top.

Little Jedi Cake

For all the Star Wars fans out there, you can celebrate your little Jedi with this cake! How cute is the baby Yoda on the top of the cake?! With lightsabers and stars or add a galaxy look, this cake would be the perfect addition.

Whale Cake

Animal cakes are always a lot of fun and fit in with many baby shower themes so well. This whale cake is great for either a beach or nautical theme. The fun letters and glittery whales on top make for a lot of fun. Learn more about this cake here.

Monkey Cupcakes

Monkeys are another great animal to add to your baby shower. These monkey cupcakes are a great addition to your safari animal theme. Not only are they cute, but they’re also delicious. See how to decorate these here.

Blueberry Cheesecakes

Check out these adorable blueberry cheesecakes for another great way to add some blue to your desserts. They are so little and cute. Just like your baby boy! Find the recipe here.

Welcome to the World Cake

This earth cake is fun, but it also hits on the blue that usually comes with a boy baby shower. You can add some lettering that says, “Welcome to the world!” to complete it. The inside will also be really cool when you cut into it. Find the recipe here.

Teddy Bear Cake

This cake is so adorable and crawling with bears. This teddy bear cake features blue accents for the right look. It also has a baby bottle and blocks to complete the baby look.

Blue Drip Cake

For a cool cake, check out this recipe for blue drip cake for your party. This one is simple and uses cake mix and white chocolate. Just dye the chocolate blue, and you have a cake fitting your theme. Buy this cake here.

Tuxedo Cake

This tuxedo cake is excellent for large or more formal baby showers. It is a 3-tier cake that hits on all of your theme elements. There is a tuxedo and a little onesie to celebrate your little man.

Dinosaur Cake

A dinosaur cake is another fun theme for your upcoming baby. Depending on the colors you use, this could be for either gender. If you use greens and blues, this cake is perfect for your baby boy shower.

Prince Cake

For a little prince theme, check out this adorable prince cake. Use the fun, royal elements of a crown and golden shoes to complete the look. You can customize this idea in many different ways.

Blue Footprint Cake

There are many ways to decorate your baby shower cake with blue baby feet. You can use them on the side, like this one, or place them atop a more simple cake. It’s a classic look that can go with any baby shower theme.

Mustache and Bowtie Cake

Another fun theme is mustaches and bowties. If this is your theme, this cake is a great choice. Have fun with all of the details. Learn how to make this cake here.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cakes

Bumblebee Cake

Bumblebees are an adorable theme, whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl. This cake has both a regular cake and cupcakes to go along with it to complete the look. There is even a baby on top in a cute stroller. Learn how to make this cake here.

Owl Cake

Another great animal to use for a gender-neutral party is the owl. This owl cake combines yellow, gray, and orange for the perfect blend of gender-neutral colors. This cake is ideal for an owl-themed baby shower.

Sandcastle Cake

sandcastle cake

If you’re unsure whether you are having a boy or a girl but really want to have a coastal or beach-themed baby shower, this sandcastle cake would be a huge hit! Learn how to make this cake here.

Jungle Animal Cake

Check out this cake featuring some great animals for a jungle safari-themed baby shower. You can create a beautiful gender-neutral baby shower cake with a monkey, giraffe, and elephant. The animals are made out of fondant to create some adorable animals.

Rubber Ducky Cake/Cupcakes

If there’s one bath toy that most kids have, it’s the rubber ducky. This iconic toy also makes for a perfect gender-neutral baby shower theme. This cake is simple to make, and the mom-to-be can even keep the rubber ducky sitting on top! Learn how to make this cake here.

Night Sky Cake

While you can add some pink or blue to make it gender-specific, you can also use a night sky cake as part of a gender-neutral party. This cake features the moon and stars, but only a subtle blue, so it still fits either way. You could add some cupcakes for some additional inspiration.

Elephant Cake

Elephants are another great animal to feature at your baby shower. By using yellow, gray, and white, you can create a beautiful cake that hits on your theme. Plus, check out that cute little elephant on top!

Farm Animals Cake

Kids love to play farm, so this is a fun theme for a gender-neutral party. This cake will bring the theme to life. It features precious farm animals and has a bottle on top to tie in the baby shower with the theme. See more here.

Baby Birds Cupcakes

Instead of limiting yourself to blue or pink birds, a gender-neutral baby shower opens up the possibilities for various birds. These cupcakes feature blue, red, yellow, and green birds, which are pleasing to the eye. Here is an instance where your color palette expands for this kind of baby shower.

Baby Blocks Cake

If you like adding gold to your cake, keep it gender-neutral by including white and black. This cake features these colors along with cute baby blocks. This one is super classy and even features little baby sneakers.

Oh, Baby Topper Cake

Use this “Oh Baby” cake topper with the cake of your choice to fit whatever theme you want. Since it is gold instead of a gender-oriented color, you can use it for either one or a gender-neutral theme. You could make a white drip cake like the one pictured or use something else with greens or yellows.

Hot Air Balloon Cake

Hot air balloons are another fun baby shower theme that is easy to keep gender-neutral. You can customize this cake for whatever you like depending on your colors. It is adorned with air balloons and clouds.

Giraffe Cake

Giraffes are an easy baby shower theme to keep neutral since you will already be using yellow instead of blue or pink. This giraffe cake looks just like the animal, so it is a great fit.

Outer Space Cake

Space is another great baby shower theme that you can use for a gender-neutral party. This cake is a fun addition to your party. It features planets, a spaceship, and an astronaut.

Nursery Rhyme Cake

Another excellent option for a gender-neutral party takes inspiration from nursery rhymes. This particular cake combines multiple ones with a cow jumping over the moon, Humpty Dumpty, and a plate with a spoon. There is even a book beneath the cake to add another layer.

Baby Clothesline Cake

All parents can relate to how much laundry you’re going to need to do after having a baby. This cake pays homage to that theme by featuring a clothesline with baby clothes and toys. It also uses a neutral green to fit with the gender-neutral aspect. Buy it here.

Hummingbird Cake

Check out this hummingbird cake to feature at your baby shower for something a bit different. This is a delicious cake that you can decorate however you like. You can also leave it white to make it even more simple. Find the recipe here.

Stork Cake

The stork concept is another fun theme that is great for gender-neutral parties. This cake has a delightful stork and baby picture on the side. It also features neutral colors like yellow, white, and gray.

Twinkle Twinkle Cake

This is an adorable cake and theme for a gender-neutral baby shower. Even though it has blue, this sweet nursery rhyme is a classic that is sung to all babies. Adding little clouds, stars, and cake toppers really brings the theme and the cake to life!

Onesie Cake

All babies wear onesies, so this one is a good choice for a gender-neutral theme. This onesie cake is fun for a baby shower. It is also completely customizable, so you can use the rubber ducky idea or just go with neutral colors. Learn how to make this cake here.

Rocking Horse Cake

We often connect everyday nursery items with babies, so a rocking horse cake can be a good choice. You can keep this white, or you could add some neutral colors. The adorable rocking horse on top will be a hit with your guests.

Baby Sprinkle or Confetti Cake

Having a confetti cake at your gender-neutral baby shower is a great fit. This recipe is simple and delicious. You can choose to keep the frosting white or add in some different colors depending on the look you want. Learn how to make this cake here.

sprinkle baby shower cake
Image via Pretty My Party

And here is another cute baby shower sprinkle cake if you want to incorporate all of the colors using sprinkles. You can leave the bow or remove it if you think it’s too feminine. But we love the playfulness of all the colors!

Bottle Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes feature two desserts in one. Not only are there cupcakes, but also a cookie on the top in the shape of a bottle. Mix whatever colors you like to make these perfect for your gender-neutral party. Find the recipe here.

Baby Block Cake Pops

For something a bit different, you could offer up some bite-sized cakes! These baby block cake pops are fun to make and offer up another treat for your guests. The secret to making them look like baby blocks is the sanding sugar. Learn how to make these here.

Winnie the Pooh Cake

If there’s one bear that kids love above others, it’s Winnie the Pooh. This makes him a great neutral baby shower theme. You will use the characters and plenty of yellow to make this fantastic cake.

Children’s Books Cake

Children’s books make for a great gender-neutral theme for all of those who love literature. This cake features different stories that would go well with that. The details make this one come to life.

Strawberry/Blueberry Cupcakes

As another approach to make the party gender-neutral, you could feature a dessert with both pink and blue. These strawberry and blueberry cupcakes are a delicious and ideal choice. They are great for baby showers all year. Find the recipe here.

Dessert is easily one of the best things about a baby shower, so it’s important to find the right one that fits your theme. With so many choices above, you’re sure to find something that you love and will remember forever.

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