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Preparing for a new baby’s arrival is a joyous time. You get to design your dream nursery, pick out the most adorable outfits, and plan your baby shower. But with all these steps come creating a baby registry that your friends, family, and coworkers can turn to for gift-giving. If you’re unsure which baby registry program to use, we’re here to tell you we’ve got your back. We sat down to review the ins and outs of Amazon’s baby registry — from how to get started to their pros and cons — so you can easily decide if this registry is right for you and your family.

Top Benefits of an Amazon Baby Registry

Registry Completion Coupon

There’s nothing like getting a coupon for doing something you already had on your to-do list. When you register with Amazon as a Prime member, you’ll receive a one-time 15% discount (or 10% for non-Prime members) for any leftover items on your registry. Your discount will be sent via email and made available on your registry homepage 60 days before your due date and will expire 60 days after your due date. Create your registry and have it active for at least two weeks to receive your discount.

Diaper Fund

According to the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents can spend about $936 on diapers a year. With Amazon’s registry, you can choose to add a diaper fund of up to $550 in total. This allows guests to contribute the amount of their choosing. You can redeem your guests’ contributions at any time, which will be added to your Amazon Gift Card balance. During check out, select your Amazon Gift Card balance to complete your purchase of diapers.

Freebies for Parents-To-Be

Amazon provides a free welcome box for new moms and dads to get you started on your parenting journey. Valued at up to $35, the welcome kit comes fully loaded with a rotating selection of full-size products and samples, such as pacifiers, bottles, onesies, baby shower thank you cards, diaper cream, and diapers.

Group Gifting

Thanks to Amazon’s group gifting feature, your loved ones can split baby registry gifts that are $200 and up. You don’t have to worry about them breaking the bank. First, ensure you have allowed group gifting in your registry settings. From there, find an item off your registry — like that must-have baby stroller or car seat — and click the “edit” button next to it and check off the box “Enable Group Gifting for This Item.” After you save your changes, you will see a progress bar above the item that will display how much money has been contributed. Your friends and family can add any amount they’d like to the group gift. That gifted deposit can be redeemed as credit toward your Amazon Gift Card balance.

Universal Registry

By installing Amazon Assistant, Amazon’s Google Chrome plugin, you can add items from other websites to your baby registry and compare them to Amazon’s prices, ratings, and reviews. When reviewing your registry, your friends and family can view any non-Amazon items on your registry. However, they will be redirected to the retailer’s website to complete a purchase. Keep in mind that Amazon has no control over dilemmas with the item and shipment and cannot handle returns for items bought off another website.

Free Two-Day Shipping

Avid Prime-member shoppers know all too well the perks of Amazon’s free two-day shipping. The same rings true with Amazon’s baby registry. However, if parents and gift-givers are not Prime members, they can still receive free shipping on orders over $25 that Amazon ships.

Free 365-Day Return Policy

Similar to planning a wedding, creating a baby registry means you’ll love a particular baby item one day and dislike it the next. If you change your mind about a gift once you’ve received it, Amazon’s 365-day return policy allows you to send back the item in exchange for a credit. The best part is the gift giver will never be notified that you returned it and swapped it out for something else. If you buy something from your registry, keep in mind that registry owners only have a 90-day return window.

How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

It can be tricky to locate the Amazon registry homepage, so we suggest adding as a bookmark. To find it on your Amazon account, go to “Accounts & Lists” at the top-right hand section of the page, hover over the drop-down menu, and click “Find a List or Registry.” Once you’ve made it onto the registry homepage, click the “Create a Registry or Gift List” button. This will open a new screen where you’ll select “I’m Welcoming a Baby,” then click “Create a New Baby Registry.”

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your details, such as your name, expected baby’s due date, address, and privacy settings (i.e., if you want your registry to be public, private, or only accessed with a specific link). You can also add in if this is your first baby and customize your registry with personal preferences, such as enabling the option for Amazon gift cards, a diaper fund, or group gifting. Viola, you’re done!

How to Build Your Amazon Baby Registry

Now that your baby registry is set up, it’s time to build your dream wish list. Use Amazon’s search bar to look up items you’re considering. When you’re ready to add the product to your registry, hit the “Add to Baby Registry” button located underneath the listing price. Don’t forget to label your favorite products as a “Must Have.” This lets your friends and family know if it’s something you really would like. Also, remember to check off “Group Gifting” so several people can partake in contributions if it’s a bigger ticket item.

If you’re unsure where to begin, Amazon’s handy registry checklist breaks down recommended items into 12 categories — such as nursery furniture, bedding, feeding, and toys and books — for easy and efficient shopping. Each category is also organized by subcategories for even more guidance on baby essentials when building your registry.

Be sure also to read these resources:

To help with your pregnancy brain (so you don’t forget what was added!), Amazon keeps track of the items you included and will automatically check off the corresponding category and subcategories within the checklist. It also provides a progression bar, informing you of how many items you’ve included in your registry and how many more you may be missing. For even more baby registry inspiration, Amazon provides sample registries based on interest and values. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly baby items, interested in eco-friendly products, or a second-time parent who doesn’t need an expansive list or just wants to take a minimalistic approach, they have recommendations to share.

8 Most Registered Products on Amazon Baby Registry

Baby Nasal Aspirator NoseFrida the Snotsucker

nose frida

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Say goodbye to stuffy noses with the doctor-invented and recommended nasal aspirator. The noninvasive, hygienic tool will help keep your baby mucus-free by creating a safe seal around their nostrils for gentle and effective snot removal.

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier

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Whether you need to run an errand or want to go out for a morning stroll, the ergonomic and convertible carrier allows you to carry your little one in different ways: facing in (with a narrow or wide seat), facing out, and back carry.

Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

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A nightlight meets a baby wipe dispenser. The Munchkin warm glow wipe warmer will keep up to 100 wipes heated for a soothing and calming diaper change. The soft light is great for late-night cleaning and automatically shuts off after ten minutes.

We like to remind parents that if you’re trying to get less, this is an item you can skip. It can grow bacteria quickly, and cleaning daily is recommended to stop bacteria from growing. Also, babies can develop a preference to warm wipes which is difficult to do when you are on the go with your little one.

The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Buy Here

Keep your newborn’s hunger cries at bay with The First Years bottle warmer. It can heat a bottle (or baby food jar) in minutes. To get an even more bang for your buck, sanitize multiple pacifiers at once for efficient and easy cleaning.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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Regulate the humidity in your baby’s nursery all year long with the Pure Enrichment humidifier. The ultrasonic, cool mist technology can moisturize dry air for up to 25 hours without ever making a sound. With it, your infant can breathe easily and enjoy a good night’s rest.

Boppy Nursing Pillow

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A Boppy is almost every new mom’s best friend. The award-winning nursing pillow helps give tired arms a break during feeding by placing infants in an ergonomic position. Plus: a Boppy is great for tummy time, sitting, and propping.

Graco Simple Sway Swing

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Graco Simple Sway Swing can quickly soothe your little one through six different swing speeds, ten classic melodies and various nature sounds, and two custom swing vibrations. With this baby swing, your baby will be gently swayed into a peaceful and comforting sleep.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

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Free of BPAs, Phthalates, and PVC, the Boon Grass drying rack can safely air dry bottles, pacifiers, breast pump accessories, and more. Its easy-to-clean design features a removable water tray that collects liquid underneath the rack, so your supplies are always hygienic.

Pros and Cons of an Amazon Baby Registry


Access to Exclusive Deals

In addition to receiving a welcome box, Prime members also get access to a wide range of exclusive offers. Currently, baby registry owners can take advantage of a discount on invitations and announcements, photo books, wall decor, and custom photo gifts.

Large Selection of Products

There’s no denying that Amazon is an e-commerce powerhouse with one of the largest inventories for baby supplies. Your registry will never be short of the latest and greatest items since Amazon provides access to countless brands, products, and gift cards — all on one website.

Expansive Product Reviews

When debating between two different brands, reading reviews from real moms can be a huge deciding factor in what you get. Fortunately, Amazon is loaded with customer reviews that give opinions on baby products.

Automatic Thank You List

Once people begin to purchase gifts from your baby registry, Amazon will compile the products onto a dedicated “Thank You” page so you can see who bought you which item. This allows for easy gift tracking and makes writing thank you cards a breeze.


Difficult to Navigate the Registry Dashboard

There’s a lot to digest on the Amazon baby registry dashboard, which is overloaded with information. For first-time parents, this can be overwhelming. There are many links you can click on that’ll lead you off the dashboard and into a wormhole of products and information.

Receiving Welcome Box Requires Several Steps

While Amazon does gift you a free welcome box, there are several hoops you must jump through to get your prize. You not only have to join Amazon prime (a paid membership), but you must also complete 60% of the registry checklist and purchase $10 from your registry (whether it be by you or a loved one).

Being a Prime Member is Almost a Must

To receive a number of the baby registry benefits, like the free welcome box, 15% completion discount, and free two-day shipping, you must be an Amazon prime member. For some parents, this can be an added expense just to simply create a one-time registry.

Products Can Only Be Viewed Online

Since Amazon is entirely online, parents do not have the luxury of seeing a product in person. When deciding which large-ticket items you want, such as a crib or stroller, it can be helpful to see it at a storefront so you can get a full sense of its capabilities.

What Parents Love About It

With over 60 different name brands and thousands upon thousands of baby products to choose from, new moms and dads are in a baby registry wonderland. They can find just about everything they could possibly want to add to their registry while also having access to a handful of perks. From the 15% completion discount that’s perfect for leftover items or last-minute add-ons to the universal registry and free two-day shipping, Amazon’s baby registry is an easy win for parents.

Another cool benefit, Amazon also runs a “Baby Registry Sweepstakes” that gives parents the opportunity to win $2,500 towards their registry. Since no purchase is required to participate, registry owners can participate and potentially score big. Although parents-to-be can’t visit a physical store to check out items in person, shoppers love the product reviews, which can help with deciding on an item. Reviews also often include pictures and videos that can clear up the mystery of what an item looks like and what it can or cannot do.

Overall, Amazon’s baby registry has more positives than negatives, which can help make the transition to parenthood less stressful and overwhelming. When creating your baby registry, remember that this is an exciting time, and your process should be simple, easy, and ultimately, fun.

Create An Amazon Baby Registry

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