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AD | Dr. Jart+ CeramidinTM Range plus 20% off!

As we enter the colder months here in the UK (has anyone noticed that the temperature has plummeted), it’s important to continue to look after your skin barrier and add an extra injection of hydration. Dr. Jart+ have us covered with their CeramidinTM Range.

CeramidinTM Cream

The CeramidinTM Cream can be used AM or PM; I tend to use it in the evenings as a slightly more moisturising night cream. The creamy, nourishing texture helps to lock in moisture, strengthen the skin barrier and protect against moisture loss – perfect for the cooler months, and resulting in smoother feeling skin.

CeramidinTM Mist

This is a fabulous mist all year round, but a particular favourite of mine in the cooler months. It’s my current go to for a quick spritz after a long day with central heating blasting, or for after a walk in the cooler air. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm (I’m not jealous at all), you can keep the mist in the fridge for a quick refresh. Formulated with Dr. Jart+’s Ceramidin ComplexTM, this is perfect for protecting against moisture loss and for barrier repair (if you’ve overdone it on the actives, this mist is great for repairing the damage).

CeramidinTM Liquid

This is a great hydrating toner, that is lightweight whilst still providing hydration and feels comfortable on the skin.

CeramidinTM Serum

This serum-cream hybrid has a unique texture, but still provides the deep hydration you would expect from this range. It leaves skin feeling plumper, more supple, and smoother.

CeramidinTM Eye Cream

This is a great eye cream, I like to use it PM to re-hydrate and soothe my eyes after a long day (aka every day at the moment). It gives them a well-needed moisture boost while making the eyes appear brighter.

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(If you tend to suffer with redness or sensitivity, the CicapairTM Range is also great for soothing and calming skin.)

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