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A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About


When you begin introducing your baby to the world of snacking, there is a lot to consider. There are so many types of snacks and flavor profiles that it can be challenging to choose. Plus, parents want to choose the healthiest options for their children. But where do you begin? Little Bellies is the perfect place to start.

What is Little Bellies?

Two brothers with seven young children founded Little Bellies to ensure their children ate the best quality foods, particularly during their formative infant and toddler years. Little Bellies began because of a need. One of the founders’ children was diagnosed with severe food sensitivities, and they realized there were limited snack options.

The founders’ inspiration led to the creation of Little Bellies, which offers age-appropriate and healthy snacks. Parents can feel good about feeding their babies organic, all-natural, and healthy snacks. Little Bellies offers a line of baby snacks perfect for all stages, from emerging snackers at seven months to seasoned toddlers. There are lots of options for your babies to enjoy. So, what makes these snacks so great? Let’s take a bite out of the basics.

Little Bellies snacks son a play mat with other baby toys around it.

Baby Bellies

Tasty Textures

Little Bellies’ line-up of Baby Bellies Tasty Textures is your baby’s perfect first snack beginning at seven months and older for babies who can sit independently. This snack line “introduces subtle flavors and new texture experiences for mini mouths, and soft shapes that little fingers can hold.” We love this because we want our children to try and enjoy new foods and hopefully not be picky eaters. By introducing flavors slowly and getting the right size snack for tiny fingers, Little Bellies’ Tasty Textures helps your child easily explore new foods.

Pick-Me Sticks

Little Bellies Pick-me sticks

Let’s check out these super snacks. First, we have Baby Bellies Organic Pick-Me Sticks. These little sticks are made of puffed organic corn and come in three different flavors — strawberry, sweet potato, and banana. They melt in your baby’s mouth to make it simple to chew and are great for beginners. We’ve found that little teething babies particularly love these because they reach their back molars, so not only do they taste good and are easy to hold, they help reach those teething gums. Even our older kids like them too!

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Organic Puffs

Parents love them as much as babies. When our team’s littles ones tried them, we saw that they are easy for little hands to pick up and hold. Our babies enjoyed the texture and crunch of the snacks, and they kept our babies interested in them until all the snacks were gone. As parents, the all-organic ingredients make us happy and feel confident that our babies are getting healthy and safe snacks with Little Bellies. The packaging on their snacks is also easy to open and includes a peel-off sticker to reseal the package. This is very useful when traveling, so they don’t spill out everywhere.

The Organic Puffs come in two flavors — apple cinnamon and blueberry. They are thicker little puffs of corn sprinkled with light and tasty flavors. We tried them ourselves, and they are super simple little puffs that have an easy crunch for little ones starting to snack. They don’t have a lot of flavor, and they are not sweet. Their simple ingredients are subtle, and we can see why our babies enjoy them.

Organic Round-a-Bouts

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

The final snack in the Tiny Textures line is the Organic Round-a-bouts in sweetcorn and pumpkin varieties. Another corn snack option, these simple circles have a light flavor that babies enjoy. These snacks also melt in your baby’s mouth to make for easy chewing and swallowing. The round shape gives baby something new to look at and challenges their grasp. We really like how Little Bellies was intentional about each texture and design of their snacks. They are inspiring our little ones to explore, play, and want to try their foods.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About
Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

More to Explore

Organic Softcorn

Little Bellies offers more than just snacks for babies. They have More to Explore Snacks for babies 10 months and up. These bring “new adventures in taste, shape, and texture to help promote independence.” More to Explore offers older babies two flavors of organic softcorn apple and berry, and banana. These tiny nuggets offer baby a new texture but give the same subtle flavor and ease of melt-in-your-mouth puffed corn.

Organic Lentil Wheels

Another option in the More to Explore line is Organic Lentil Wheels in beetroot and strawberry flavor. These cute little wheels pack a great crunch while giving your baby a new taste and shape to explore. They are great second-stage snacks.

Little Bellies

Toddlers in Training

Just because your baby isn’t such a baby anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t Little Bellies snacks for them! Little Bellies understand that babies need to have age-appropriate snacks as they become toddlers, so they offer the Toddlers in Training line for older babies. Little Bellies says, “Our Toddlers in Training range includes snacks with more adventurous textures, shapes, and flavors to encourage the positive transition to toddlerhood.”

Organic Animal Crackers

What baby doesn’t love animal crackers? Toddlers in Training Organic Animal Crackers have a touch of sweetness provided by a grape juice concentrate but no cane sugar. They are a perfect mix of flavor and crunch.

Organic Tomato Sticks

Toddlers in Training also offers older eaters Organic Tomato Sticks. These have a unique texture and flavor as they are made from corn, rice, and quinoa. They are sprinkled with tomato flavor and are a perfect snack to take on the go.

Little Bellies offers parents simple ingredients that they can trust. They are certified organic and are always made with your growing baby in mind. Offering new flavors and textures as your child matures will aid in the self-feeding process and allow them to try new things, which is always helpful for raising an adventurous eater.

Why We Love Them

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Little Bellies were made with not just babies in mind but parents, too. The Baby Bellies line of snacks is great for moms and dads who want their baby to self-wean. As the website mentions, self-weaning is simple for babies and parents. Food is presented to the baby in suitable sizes and shapes, and the baby can pick them up and self-feed. If parents have started their babies on purees, Baby Bellies fits right in. They are soft and malleable; the flavors are just enough to get your baby excited about trying them.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Smart Option

Little Bellies hooked us with their smart snacking options. We love the shapes and the fact that babies develop skills along with enjoying fresh foods. Little Bellies has thought of everything. As babies grow and are ready to move to the next step in the Little Bellies line, the snack pieces become smaller to help build those fine motor skills.

Certified Organic

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

And, of course, we are totally into the fact that Little Bellies is certified organic. Little Bellies explains that small amounts of things like arsenic and lead are in water and soil, which can cause trace amounts to get into our food. Being certified organic, Little Bellies does not use pesticides that would increase metal levels and minimize environmental contaminants.

Parents can feel good about serving their baby Little Bellies snacks because they genuinely want your baby’s self-feeding to feel natural. Your baby won’t be overwhelmed with flavor, big pieces, or crumbly snacks that make a mess. Little Bellies will be with your baby as they develop, offering simple, healthy snacks.

Little Bellies: A Healthy Baby Snack You Can Feel Good About

Where Can You Get Your Hands on Little Bellies?

You can grab Little Bellies snacks at retailers like:

Check the Little Bellies website for a location near you. And, keep your eye out for Mighty Bellies, a new line of Brown Rice Crispy Bars coming soon for preschoolers!


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