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50 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Thanksgiving crafts for kids are some of my favorites. It’s such a fun holiday to celebrate and a great opportunity to talk with kids about being thankful, showing gratitude, and enjoying family, friends, and the fall season.

To help celebrate the holiday, we’ve got 50 fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids we know you and your children will love!

50 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

1. Chunky Pumpkin Place Cards

Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

This simple pumpkin craft is so cute and easy to make. Even young kids will be able to help with the yarn wrapping. I love how versatile it is, too. These chunky pumpkins make for cute table décor and serve as place cards. Guests will also love taking them home as a party favor. They look so cute on a shelf as part of a Thanksgiving or fall display, or you can use the yarn to hang them up!


Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

Here’s what you’ll need to make your chunky pumpkin place cards:


Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

1. First, you’ll need to make pumpkin-shaped cardboard cutouts. I just grabbed a cardboard box, a pumpkin outline, and an Exacto knife to make them. It doesn’t have to be perfect because the chunky yarn will cover any mistakes.

Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

2. I got out the yarn, and we taped the end to secure it on the pumpkin. Let your kids wrap the yarn any way they want. There is no right or wrong. My 6-year-old could do all of the yarn wrapping himself. My 2-year-old needed help, but she was able to wrap some of it.

Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

3. After you’ve got it as chunky as you want it, grab a green pipe cleaner and start wrapping it around the stem. We stopped about halfway and made place card tags before adding them on and wrapping them the rest of the way.

Chunky Pumpkin Place Card Craft

4. I cut out pieces of card stock for the place cards, and my son wrote our family names on them. I prefer his cute handwriting rather than trying to make them perfect. It looks so sweet! We used a hole punch to slide the cards through the pipe cleaner.

Chunky pumpkin place card craft

Look how cute these chunky pumpkin place cards are! They will be so cute next to our table setting on Thanksgiving.

Here are 49 other fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids for you to try:

2. Turkey Resist Art

Need some wall art for your Thanksgiving dinner? Not only is this resist art activity so engaging for your kids, but they will also look so pretty in your dining room for the season. This is a multi-age activity; you can adjust the cardboard size as needed. Even toddlers can make one—be sure to put a splat mat on the floor.

3. Thanksgiving Placemats

This Thanksgiving placemat craft is an excellent activity for the kid’s table. Just weave paper strips and spread-out coloring tools on the table. Even the littlest ones can draw pictures or words to show what they are thankful for.

4. Turkey Windsocks

You can mix and match different materials on hand for this turkey craft. We love the idea of hanging them on a hook for some outside décor made by your kids!

5. Coffee Filter Turkeys

Markers and a spray bottle make this cool tie-dye effect on this turkey craft—even toddlers can help. You can also write family names on them for a creative place card!

6. Paper Bag Turkey Craft

This one is oh-so-simple but still so cute! I always love anything that uses their little handprints. You can decorate with these and hang them around the house, or your kids can use them as puppets for some fun Thanksgiving storytelling.

7. Turkey Hat Craft

I love a good holiday-themed DIY hat, and these do not disappoint. Wear it while you watch the parade, toss a football, or during the big meal.

8. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

To make these pumpkins, you only need two things: pipe cleaners and beads. This is an excellent task for preschoolers to help with and practice fine motor skills. And, it’s another one you could use as a table place card. Just write names on slips of cardstock and slip them inside.

9. Autumn Cork Painting

Use all of those extra wine corks as a painting tool to make these pretty fall trees. You can display it in the dining room for cute Thanksgiving dinner décor. Even toddlers can make this craft!

10. Thanksgiving Crayon Resist Art

Thanksgiving crayon resist art craft
via Play Teach Repeat

This is a clever craft and a fun activity to practice reading sight words or Thanksgiving-related words. Kids of any age can enjoy painting and seeing the words appear.

11. Gobbling Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

You’ll have to do adult prep with this one, but after that, kids will love making this turkey and then watching and “hearing” it gobble. So clever!

12. Textured Corn Craft

Use cereal and hole-punched paper to make this textured craft! Little ones will love practicing with glue and then touching this sensory project. Spread out on your Thanksgiving table for a handmade kid-created centerpiece.

13. I am Thankful Pumpkin Craft

Strips of paper, markers, and a stapler are all you need for these cute thankful pumpkins. You may have to help with the writing for younger kids, but they can all come up with ideas for each strip and share what they are thankful for.

14. Egg Carton Turkey Craft

Hold on to an empty carton of eggs and make this cute turkey. This activity also doubles as a treat box or a table nameplate.

15. Construction Paper Turkeys

Looping the paper strips makes the feathers on this turkey super cute! Kids may need help with the stapler, but this is a fun twist on a turkey craft.

16. Feather Name Turkeys

This turkey craft doubles as name practice. It’s perfect for a preschooler to practice their name creatively.

17. Do a Dot Turkey Craft

Dot markers are used to make colorful turkey feathers making this a great craft that even toddlers can do!

18. Painted Pinecone Turkey

My son loves collecting pinecones outside, and we can put them to good use with this pinecone-painted turkey craft! This craft is another great option for a place card holder for your Thanksgiving table.

19. Gratefulness Rocks

Go on a nature walk and find rocks to take back home and paint. You could also use this craft as place cards at the table if you’d like!

20. Turkey Stick Craft

This cute turkey popsicle stick can be placed in a vase or used as a turkey puppet. A quick, easy, and fun Thanksgiving craft for kids.

21. Pumpkin Pie Kid’s Craft

Here’s a craft that recreates a favorite Thanksgiving dessert—the pumpkin pie! If you’re a pumpkin pie lover, this will be a fun one to make with your kids.

22. Thanksgiving Turkey Leaf Lanterns

With extra mason jars, you can make these beautiful luminary jars that look so pretty with a candle inside. Place them on your table for extra decor. Your family and friends will love them!

23. Paper Strips Pumpkin

This craft uses colored paper, ribbon, or tape to make a cute Thanksgiving pumpkin. You could also draw the stem and leaves and turn this craft into placemats for everyone to enjoy.

24. Footprint Turkey Craft

We love a good craft that uses pictures of the kids’ faces—and instead of handprints, footprints are used to make the turkey feathers. So silly and cute! This is sure to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

25. Turkey Tracks Craft

Pipe cleaners make the best turkey track prints—a fun way to make a unique paintbrush with a Thanksgiving theme.

26. Handprint and Paper Cup Turkey

Everyone can help make these cute turkeys made from handprints and paper cups.

27. Gratitude Chain

You can use the printables on this craft post to make a gratitude chain or you can DIY it. Everyone can be a part of sharing things they are thankful for and putting this chain together. Use it as a wall or table decoration.

28. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hats

Retelling the first stories of Thanksgiving is even more fun with these classic Pilgrim hats.

29. Indian Corn Craft

This Indian corn craft is made using pencil erasers and paint. A simple and fun Thanksgiving craft that your toddler can easily do!

30. Lego Corn Painting

Such a creative twist on making Indian corn with paint—this one uses Lego bricks! I love the look, and it looks so realistic.

31. Paper Towel Roll Indian Corn

Save your toilet paper or paper towel rolls for this Indian corn craft. The kids will need help with this one, but it makes for a fun Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

32. Popsicle Stick Turkey

These turkeys are made out of popsicle sticks and cutout handprints. We like how you can use a fun paper for the turkey body.

33. Froot Loops Turkey Craft

We love Froot Loops over here, and this is a cute way to use them to make a fun turkey craft! A great way to practice color matching, too.

34. Turkey Bookmarks

Isn’t this an adorable and practical craft? This craft can be used as a turkey bookmark. My son loves having unique bookmarks; you can even write their names on the turkey.

35. Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Why not dress up your little one as a turkey themselves? You need a paper bag and some colored paper; they will love acting like a turkey. Gobble gobble!

36. Paper Plate Scarecrow

A scarecrow brings a fun fall vibe to this craft, and we always love using simple materials.

37. Thanksgiving Tree

This sweet tradition and activity you can do with your whole family. Even if you don’t want to use an actual tree, as seen here, you can recreate this just with a large drawing of a tree on a poster board.

38. Turkey Haircuts

This craft provides great scissor-cutting practice for little ones. These turkey haircuts are so cute!

39. Turkey Lollipops

Enjoy making these turkeys that go on a stick for easy carrying. You can display them in vases or other containers for cute décor.

40. Feed the Turkey

This is a craft and an activity that your younger ones will love. You’ll make a turkey craft and then use pom poms to “feed” the turkey for some fine motor practice.

41. Thanksgiving Slime

If you’re willing to manage slime at your house, this Thanksgiving slime recipe is so festive for the season. I love the colors and textures. Your kids will have fun first making this slime with you before playing with it on their own.

Thanksgiving Treats

Check out these crafts that are also tasty treats, making them perfect for any Thanksgiving gathering with family and friends. Kids of all ages will love assembling these festive, Thanksgiving-themed snacks and sweets:

42. Turkey Treats

Grab some Reese’s Pieces and some things from the craft closet: pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and tulle (you can even grab it all for cheap at a dollar store). These make cute gifts and also look cute next to individual table settings.

43. Peanut Butter Pretzel Turkey

Let your kids make these turkeys out of peanut butter and pretzel knots and sticks. It also makes an easy pre-dinner snack for a Thanksgiving party!

44. Turkey Donuts

I always love to have a special breakfast while we watch the Thanksgiving parade, and is the perfect treat that’s also fun for kids to make. Your little ones can practice fine motor skills and color recognition, too.

45. Turkey Popcorn Treat Bags

This is a fun craft to make that’s also a turkey treat bag. You just fill clear plastic gloves with colored candies and popcorn, then seal the bottom with tape. I love how the thumb is filled with red candies and pulled down—such a cute touch!

46. Pilgrim Hat Cookies

How cute are these little Pilgrim hat cookies? This sweet treat is fun to create and eat, of course. You’ll need peanut butter cups, cookies, candies, and frosting to put them together.

47. Turkey Snacks

Healthier turkey treats here. Even your littlest ones can enjoy assembling the apples and pretzels. You can even grab yellow and green apples for more “feather” color variations.

48. Oreo Turkey Cookies

We love candy corn over here, and they make the cutest turkey cookie treats!

49. Pudding Cup Turkey

This craft uses a pudding cup as the turkey body and basic craft supplies for the details. It also makes for a fun activity at a class party.

50. Turkey Ornament Treats

These crafts use treat-filled clear ornaments to make a clever little turkey. They also look so cute as a decoration for your mantle or table centerpiece.

I hope you found a craft that excites you and your kids! Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to enjoy crafting with your family and create a memorable keepsake, decoration, or memory that you’ll always share.

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