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3 Easy and Cute Haircuts For Moms to Rock


A day at the salon or spa seems like a distant memory, or maybe wishful thinking. But doing something that seems as mundane as getting a haircut can do wonders for our confidence – and our appearance! We read and hear about how important self-care is when we are so consumed caring for others. But sometimes, when we finally get our respite, maybe dad comes home from work early, or your sweet mother offers to watch the baby, and we don’t know what to do with our time. It seems like we get a little bit of freedom, and we aren’t sure what part of our life to tend to!

A fresh haircut may be just what the doctor ordered! The whole process of getting groomed is good for the soul. Fun conversation with your stylist, a relaxing and cleansing wash that you don’t have to do yourself, blow-drying and styling, and a new overall look. It’s the simplest way to get a fresh start.

Talk to Your Stylist About Your Hair Needs

One of the most important parts of getting a haircut, besides taking care of yourself, is getting a style that’s easy to incorporate into your busy life as a mom. Just as there are different seasons in parenthood, there are different levels of ease needed for your hair.

My kids are still very young, all 5 and under. I am not currently working outside of the home. Because of these circumstances, I choose to have long hair that is all the same length. During my consultation with my stylist, I went over my typical weekday mornings and routines with her. She was able to point out helpful tips about dry time, styling needs and products, and the longevity of my cut.

Make sure you chat with your preferred stylist about what ideas can fit your needs at this particular season of life! For my one-length cut, the daily maintenance is low. It’s effortless to leave it down or throw it into a quick ponytail. It also looks pretty when I take the time to curl it for the occasional date night or meeting that I have to turn my camera on for. All moms’ circumstances are different – so finding what works for you is key in identifying your perfect mom haircut!

Easy and Cute Haircuts for Moms

The One-Length Haircut

Portrait of smiling young woman in park

If you’re like me, you may consider your hair routine as low maintenance. A good hair day means there isn’t paint or other remnants of daily crafts glued into the strands. I still have some nighttime wakeups from my youngest. So mornings are still a little tough getting all of us up and out the door to preschool or other activities. What feels the best and easiest for me is pulling my hair into a sleek ponytail. That way, I can throw on a headband if I plan to hit the gym or a baseball cap if we are spending the day outside. My favorite part of this haircut as a busy mom of three is that I have the flexibility of letting it air dry. I tend to shower at night and then braid it. So when I wake up, I have a small wave and a dry, tousled look.

Keeping your hair long, but not too long, is key. Making sure it goes past the shoulders is a good way to ensure that all hair will reach your elastic band when you put it up. Making sure it’s not too long, however, will also keep the weight down. The more hair you have, the more uncomfortable it can be when it’s up because your hair may be pulling on your scalp.

The “Mom Cut” Haircut

Woman With Blonde Mid Length Lob Hairstyle

The classic bob has kind of adopted the nickname of the “mom cut.” It stems from a big change that a lot of moms go through after they give birth. I remember feeling the extreme need for change as soon as I gave birth to my first. I ended up at the salon wanting a short hairstyle and a fun color. It felt good and a bit liberating. It was a way to take back the control over my body that I felt like I had lost a little bit throughout my pregnancy and birthing experience.

Woman with a bob haircut outside smirking at the camera.

A chin-length bob is an adorable and convenient cut for the busy mom! If you work outside of the home or have time constraints during the morning that limit you from spending much time on your hair, this cut can be a lifesaver. It doesn’t require too much skill – just a round brush and a blow dryer, plus your favorite everyday products. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you and your hairdresser can talk about strategies or lengths that work for you. The drying time on this short haircut can be less than 10 minutes!

The “mom cut” also beautifully frames your face and gives you a polished look that you barely even have to try for. Beware, you may start a trend among your mom squad and have everyone hitting the salon chair for the big chop!

The Eye Length Bang Haircut

Portrait of a beautiful middle-aged woman outdoors.

Sometimes we stare into the mirror and repeat, “I am awake . . . I am awake,” in hopes of looking that way. Long hours caring for a new life can be draining and take a toll on our morning routines. Because of this, cute and stylish eye-length bangs can be the perfect cut for the effortlessly chic look you’re craving as a new mom.

Bangs are sophisticated by design. Think Audrey Hepburn covered in diamonds – even though we may be dripping in spit-up! Bangs are a quick fix to any rut of monotony. They spice up your look with minimal effort. The drying and styling time is only a minute or two of your morning since it’s such an overall small section of your hair. You have the freedom to take your creative, or time-crunched, liberty with the rest of the hair. Bangs look fabulous, accompanied by a messy bun, sleek ponytail, or even leaving your hair down.

Collage of women who have bangs.

Bangs can make such a statement, too. And that confidence boost that comes along with a bold haircut could be just what you need to boost your mood. When you look good, you tend to feel good. When I was early in motherhood, I wish I would have tried this cut and style for myself. I felt frumpy with my messy bun and stringy hair, but I didn’t care enough to put effort into myself. For some reason, I was too stubborn to spend a couple of hours at the salon, and I regret it. I think these bold and beautiful bangs would have boosted my coolness to a level I never imagined!

Sometimes a fresh cut is all you need!

It’s hard to buy into the magic of a good and convenient haircut. But I can promise you, as a mom and a cosmetologist, that it is real. The magic of motherhood is beautiful and wonderous. But, let’s face it, most of the time, we look like the little rabbit that’s been pulled out of the hat. So drop your precious little bundle of joy off with a trusted loved one and head to the salon. Your stylist will become a magician for a little while you rest all of your motherly duties. You’ll walk out of there feeling refreshed and refined, all because of a simple haircut. Talk about magic!


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