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15 Things You Need Before Baby Arrives (But May Not Have Realized)


When you’re pregnant, especially for the first time, it can be overwhelming to figure out precisely what the baby needs when they get here. As a result, you’re probably focusing most of your time and attention on purchasing and collecting items for your bundle of joy.

But don’t forget about yourself, mama! Your 4th trimester will be one of the most significant transformational periods of your life — emotionally and physically! Like baby, you need (and deserve) a few things to help you in this stage. Here’s our list of 15 things you wouldn’t think to get yourself before the baby arrives but absolutely need.

15 Things You May Now Know You Need Before Baby

FLUFF Co Duvet and Pillows

How old are your pillows? How about your duvet? Experts say you should replace your pillows every 1-2 years, and you are about to spend a LOT of time in bed recovering and snuggling up with your little one. Don’t you think you deserve a little extra (and clean) comfort?

Fluff Co has a line of down & feather and down alternative products that bring all of the comforts of a luxury hotel room right to your bedroom. Need we say more?

Talia Pizza

Something that you will so appreciate after having a baby is quick, easy, and filling meals. Sure, you can get frozen pizza from the grocery store. It’s fine. But if you want to elevate a quick freezer meal and enjoy something really special at home, check out Talia di Napoli Pizza. They deliver frozen Neapolitan pizzas that are *chef’s kiss* delicious. Several packages are available, but we love The Taste of Talia pack (pictured here), which contains two margaritas, two mozzarellas, one provolina, one rossa, one tartufina, and one four cheese pizza. If you like it, you can get regular deliveries via a subscription!

Hatch Restore

Maybe you’ll have a magical unicorn baby who sleeps at night, but the reality is that sleep is going to be a bit of a struggle for at least a few months. Why not do everything you can to help yourself fall asleep and wake up peacefully? Hatch has models for adults (and even young children) so that everyone in the house can get a good night’s sleep. You probably have a Hatch Baby Rest on your baby registry, so this is something for you!

RX Bars

Eating healthy before you have a baby can be challenging, but devoting time and attention to well-balanced meals and snacks is far more difficult after you bring home your baby. The good news is that you can be prepared with easy, grab-and-go options like these RX Bars, available in many flavors, including this awesome variety pack with Chocolate Sea Salt, Coconut Chocolate, and Blueberry. This is our Editor-in-Cheif’s go-to healthy snack!

A Solid Postnatal Vitamin

You (likely) took a prenatal vitamin to prepare for pregnancy, right? And you kept taking it to provide your body with essential nutrients during pregnancy, didn’t you? After all of that work, why would you leave your body hanging once the baby is born? These Ritual Postnatal Vitamins are specifically formulated to help you feel your best after the baby comes. (Read our full review about them here.)

A Rolling Organizer Cart

Any experienced mom will tell you that staying organized is the name of the game when it comes to maintaining sanity during your child’s first few years. While practically any kind of organizer will help you out, this three-tiered rolling cart is so incredibly versatile (and easily movable) that you can use it from everything from bottles to diapers to books and toys to nursing supplies and beyond.

An Apple Watch

Apple Watches are everywhere. But if you don’t have one already, why might you need one as a new mom now? Apart from helping you track helpful information like your daily steps, heart rate, the weather outside, and more, the Apple Watch helps you stay connected to your friends and family. But one of the lesser-known but oh-so-well-loved features on the Apple Watch that we use regularly is the “find my phone” button. Nothing is worse than getting the baby all ready to go and suddenly realizing your phone is missing. With the click of one button, you can play a short sound to help you find your phone, whether you left it in the bathroom or it slipped between the couch cushions.


Real talk: there is no such thing as “bouncing back” after having a baby. You can go on walks with your baby, you can eat healthily, you can breastfeed, you can do all of the “right” things, but the reality is it takes time—and even then, your body is never going to be exactly the same. Enter these awesome compressive high-rise leggings from Girlfriend. They’re comfortable like normal leggings but offer you the coverage and structure you need as your body transitions away from pregnancy.

Nespresso Machine

While the newborn phase is a magical time, it’s also challenging due to lack of sleep. Why not treat yourself to a nicer cup of coffee each morning (particularly when it’s not as easy as it used to be to run to Starbucks). With tons of different machine options, any coffee beverage — from a latte to a cappuccino to an espresso macchiato — is just a few minutes away.

An Echo Dot

Few things are as handy to have in your home as the Amazon Echo. Want a weather report? Ask Alexa. Want to play Jeopardy because you’re bored? Ask Alexa. White noise machine? Ask Alexa. Need to tell your kids in the other room to stop screaming so that you don’t wake the baby? Ask Alexa. She is as versatile as she is helpful.

A Nice Robe (and Pajamas)

Giving birth is the perfect time to refresh your pajamas, robes, and slippers collection because you’re about to spend a lot of time “lounging” at home with your little one. We recommend that you check out this luscious CozyChic robe from Nordstrom made of machine-washable microfiber. In the market for a proper pair of pajamas? These moonlight pajamas will leave you feeling relaxed but still, somehow, put together.

Tracking Water Bottle

Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, you may be shocked to find out how much water your body needs after having a baby. A refillable water bottle that helps you track your intake will be beneficial!

A Little Extra Love for Your Body

Delivering a baby may very well be one of the most difficult things you will ever physically experience in your life. So why not pamper yourself a little bit after the big event? We love this Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo set for a quick clean-up on the days you don’t have time to shower, this Don’t Despair, Repair! Hair Mask by Briogeo for days that you do have time to shower, and this luxurious Fresh Rose and Hyaluronic Acid Deep Hydration Moisturizer every chance you get!

An Audible Subscription

Listen, I know we all like to believe our baby will be a perfect, angel-face, good sleeper. Unfortunately, most of us are wrong. Very wrong. There will be lots and lots of swaying and rocking and midnight feedings. You may as well pass the time by listening to a good book!

Heated Coffee Mug

Remember that Nespresso we told you to get? It won’t do much good if your coffee is constantly going cold (and it will). Save yourself a million trips to the microwave by getting one of these heated coffee mugs. Never guzzle lukewarm coffee again!

Having your precious baby is an exciting time. It changes a lot of things in your life. Having these products on hand will help ease the transition into motherhood. Who couldn’t use a little help with that?

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