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148 Badass Girl Names – Baby Chick


Are you expecting a baby girl? If a cute or flowery baby girl name isn’t your style, a badass girl name may be just what you’re looking for. This baby name list is full of names for girls that have the cool-girl vibe that you just know will fit your little one’s personality. You might want an older name with plenty of sass, like Maxine or Matilda. There are also plenty of modern choices to pick from, like Luxe or Sloane, that made our list of badass girl names. Or perhaps, a name with a literary reference like Katniss, or one inspired by nature, like Stormie, is more your style.

Badass baby girl names are perfect if you want an edgy, unique name that will stand out. Read on for our list of favorite badass names for girls.

Older Badass Girl Names

Yes, even a traditional name can still give off a badass vibe. Selecting an old-fashioned name with unexpected consonants and is less common (like Beatrix or Hildegarde) can have a strong, tough, yet feminine feeling. Maybe it’s my generation, but names like Brittany and Tiffany (also with the cool nicknames Britt, Britty, and Tiff) make me think “super cool girl” and would make a great name for a new
little girl!

Some of these modern names may have been traditionally used for a boy, like Jude or Dexter, but when given to a girl, they sound even tougher. Check out these traditional girl names that make us think badass.

1. Beatrix

2. Bernadette

3. Blake

4. Blanche

5. Brittany

6. Clarke

7. Cordelia

8. Devin

9. Dexter

10. Dominique

11. Ezra

12. Frankie

13. Gertrude

14. George

15. Harriet

16. Hildegard

17. Imogene

18. Jude

19. Maeve

20. Matilda

21. Millicent

22. Maxine

23. Octavia

24. Ramona

25. Roxanne/Roxy

26. Stevie

27. Tiffany

28. Veronica

Modern Badass Girl Names

If you’re looking for a modern name that gives a don’t mess with me vibe, we’ve got our favorites here. Some modern names sound tough with their unique letter combinations, like Bexley or Seven. Names like Luxe and Bronze also sound badass because of their rich meaning. And who would mess with a girl named Harley or Ripley? Read our favorite modern badass names for girls.

1. Aries

2. Atlas

3. Avril

4. Bentley

5. Bexley

6. Blaze/Blaise

7. Blue

8. Bristol

9. Bronze

10. Cashmere

11. Denim

12. Dextra

13. Domino

14. Ebony

15. Echo

16. Ember

17. Eureka

18. Harley

19. Hendrix

20. Huxley

21. Jazz

22. Jetta

23. Jovie

24. Legacy

25. Lennon

26. Lennox

27. Lexis/Lexus

28. Liberty

29. Lux/Luxe

30. Marlowe

31. Maxima

32. Moxie

33. Olympia

34. Pandia

35. Parvati

36. Petra

37. Rebel

38. Remi/Remy

39. Remington

40. Revel

41. Ripley

42. Rogue

43. Rumer

44. Seven

45. Sloane

46. Tempest/Temp

47. Torrent

48. Vesper

49. Vey

50. Zeda

Real World Badass Girl Names

There’s no better place to find a badass girl name than out in the real world. Whether it’s a location, like Phoenix, or a nature reference, like Timber, these names pack plenty of attitude. We love how names like Night and Ember have a darker, mysterious feel while still being feminine. And again, you’ll see unusual consonants mixed in with outdoor-inspired names like Winter and Zephyr. Here are our favorite badass girl names inspired by the real world.

1. Alaska

2. Amazon

3. Arizona

4. Breeze

5. Chicago

6. Crimson

7. Electra

8. Galaxy

9. Gemma

10. Gemini

11. Indy

12. Indigo

13. Jupiter

14. Memphis

15. Milan

16. Night

17. Nova

18. Ocean

19. Phoenix

20. Raven

21. Salem

22. Scarlett

23. Stormy/Stormie

24. Tennessee

25. Timber

26. Venus

27. Wilder

28. Winter

29. Zephyr

30. Zinnia

Literary and Screen-Inspired Badass Girl Names

So many great girl names come from books, movies, and mythology. The personalities of these well-known tough girls make these some of the best badass names for girls around. Whether one of the good girls (Briar is Sleeping Beauty’s real name) or from the darker side (Bellatrix is my favorite antagonist from Harry Potter), these names are all unique and bring a don’t-mess-with-me vibe.

1. Andromeda

2. Aphrodite

3. Athena

4. Bellatrix

5. Briar

6. Buffy

7. Cleo/Cleopatra

8. Coraline

9. Delilah

10. Eleven

11. Guinevere

12. Hermione

13. Juno

14. Katniss

15. Khaleesi

16. Miley

17. Pandora

18. Sabrina

19. Scout

20. Ursula

21. Vesper

22. Wednesday

23. Xena

24. Zelda

25. Zora

Badass Girl Names from Powerful Positions

There’s nothing more badass than holding a high position of power. Check out this list of the best badass girl names from high ranks and special callings.

1. Baroness

2. Countess

3. Contessa

4. Godiva

5. Halo

6. Hero

7. Kingsley

8. Lourdes

9. Major

10. Marquessa

11. Queena

12. Queenie

13. Reign

14. Royal

15. Saint

Are you going to use a badass name for your new little girl? Whether you want something tough by definition, has rare letter combinations, or is simply a contemporary name with an edge, we hope you found the name that’s perfect for your sassy little girl.

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try the coolest girl namescute nicknames for girls, or rare girl names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!


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