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12 Ways Your Life Changes After Having a Baby


Having a baby is one of the most life-altering experiences. Whether you’ve always dreamed of parenthood, didn’t see it coming, or fall somewhere in between, having a baby is bound to change your life in more ways than any parent could count.

From the moment you learn about your baby to the moment you meet them—and every moment after that—your life is forever changed. While you might anticipate many of these changes (for better or for worse), you might find yourself surprised by others.

12 Ways Your Life Changes After Having a Baby

1. It’s No Longer About You

That’s right; your life is no longer about you. Every waking moment becomes one in which you must consider, look out for, and be entirely responsible for another human. Keeping another human being alive certainly isn’t something to be taken lightly, but it is a beautiful, rewarding honor.

2. Your Heart Grows Unimaginably

When you realize the human you’re now fully responsible for sees you as the sun, the moon, and the stars, you realize how deep the depths of true love are. And when you think you love that tiny human more than anything in the world, you love them even more the next day. Then the next day. And the next.

3. You Start to Cherish the Simple Things

The sight of a monarch butterfly fluttering around at the park. The feeling of cool hose water on your toes on a hot summer evening. The calm of a mid-day snuggle session. These are just some of the little moments that turn into the ones you wish you could hold onto forever once you’ve experienced them through your baby’s eyes.

4. You Worry More

Although life with a baby is full of newfound, child-like appreciation for all the little moments we as adults sometimes stray from over the years, it also might be full of worry. Once you have a baby, the world becomes a bit scarier. You want to give your child the universe, but you also desperately wish you could keep them safe from all the bad it houses.

5. You Find Strength You Didn’t Know You Had

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery, the lifelong commitment of parenthood. You find strength in every step of the journey. Not only because you have no other choice, but because you love your baby so much you would do anything for them. Having a baby can be hard on your body, mind, and many other aspects of life. You keep going, though, and realize what limitless resilience you have.

6. Your Confidence Grows

As you begin to realize the strength within you as you grow into the most paramount role of mama bear, you also gain self-confidence. If you’re anything like me, you might have waited your whole life for that boost. Having a baby gives you ample opportunities (and obligations) to speak up, set boundaries, and hold to what you know is best for your family. Practice makes perfect, and over time, you learn to be fearless in standing your ground on behalf of your tiny human.

7. Your Self-Esteem Might Even Increase, Too

After having a baby, you have the invaluable opportunity to view not just life in general through a new lens but to view yourself through a new lens. Once you reflect on all your body has done for you and your family, you see how powerful and capable you are. Scars and extra weight become reminders of the new life you’ve carried and sustained. Fine lines and tired feet become symbols of memories made with your kids. Perhaps for the first time in your life, another human being sees you as wholly and entirely perfect, just as you are. And you might start to see yourself in a more positive light.

8. Your Priorities Change, and Maybe Even Your Interests

Gone are the days of doing whatever you want, whenever you want. On the flip side, you now have a little sidekick to take along for whatever adventures you can dream up. With a baby, the options are endless! Have you ever lounged on the beach with someone witnessing the greatness of the ocean waves and the softness of the sand between their tiny toes for the first time? I have, and I would take that kind of vacation over a wild and crazy bachelorette getaway any day.

9. Relationships Change

Friendships, family ties, and even partnerships change after having a baby. Some become stronger, some fade away, and some simply change. After having a baby, you quickly discover who you can count on, who’s in it for the long haul, and who was never meant to be. This can be hard, but it can also be beautifully refreshing. You find your tribe (hopefully), and your relationships become all the sweeter with another little member along for the ride.

10. You Start Thinking About All the Serious Things

Wills, guardianship plans, and long-term financial security for your next of kin, just in case. You get the drift. These things aren’t easy to think about, let alone confront, but they’re suddenly of the utmost importance after having a baby. Taking care of these formalities might require long, hard conversations with your spouse (and maybe even professional counsel). That said, there’s a sense of relief in knowing you’ve done everything possible to set your children up for the best-case scenario.

11. Some Plans May Have to Be Delayed

After having a baby, there’s a chance you’ll have to rearrange certain pieces of your life to fit what’s best for your growing family. After getting married and having our daughter at the height of the Covid era, my husband and I never got to go on our highly anticipated honeymoon to the adults-only, all-inclusive tropical resort we had booked long in advance. For now, we’re enjoying making memories as a family. Rather than aggressively paying off my student loans at lightning speed as we had once planned to, we’ve repositioned our budget to make room for long-term investments for our children. Plans change after having a baby, just as priorities do. And that’s okay.

12. It All Starts to Make Sense, Even When It Doesn’t

Motherhood is an immensely impactful job, but that doesn’t mean moms have all the answers all the time. Despite the heightened urgency to live life right and make it all count after having a baby, there’s also a sense of things finally being just as they should be once our children are in our arms.

Life changes tremendously after having a baby. It becomes more meaningful, more fleeting, and more delicate. Life also becomes a continuous learning experience, full of lessons only the most innocent among us could teach. Then it suddenly becomes altogether too short, too brief a moment in time. You learn to take nothing for granted and many things with a grain of salt. You learn to trust your instincts, follow the flow, and make every moment count after having a baby. And somehow, it’s then that it all starts to fall into place.


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