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12 Ways to Get Kids Moving While Stuck Indoors


The winter months are notorious for making us lazy and keeping us cooped up inside. When the weather is too cold or too nasty to go out, how do you help your kids get enough exercise? It can be tempting to snuggle under a blanket and watch movies, which is perfectly acceptable some of the time, but it is also essential to keep healthy and get your body and your kids’ bodies moving.

12 Ways to Get Kids Moving Indoors

If you really can’t get outside, here are some fun ideas for ways to get your kids moving when you are stuck indoors. These can be fun for parents, too, so be sure to join in for your own health!

1. Dance parties

dad dancing with kids at home and they have fun

I’m a huge fan of dance parties. When my kids were small, I would pick them up and dance to oldies, so they have had a lot of practice. You can turn on the radio or let your kids pick different videos on YouTube to dance to. That way, they get a chance to pick, and they may be more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

2. Yoga

Young asian woman working out doing yoga with little girl at home

Kids are naturally more flexible, so yoga is a great activity to add in. Cosmic Kids Yoga is an excellent station on YouTube that features kid-friendly and fun yoga sessions that your kids will be more interested in than what you do. Plus, if you all do it together, everyone gets their yoga in.

3. Chase

A young Chinese mother relaxes in her apartment as her family plays.

My kids will just chase each other in a circle around the house. As long as they can keep their balance and not knock each other over, you can totally just let them run loose in the house. You can add some extra motivation by timing them to see if they are getting faster.

4. Balloon volleyball

Great fun while throwing a balloon

Balloons are great for getting your kids moving around. You could have them swat the balloon back and forth or give them each their own balloon. Have them count how many times they can hit it before it falls, and then have them keep score to see if they can do better the next time.

5. Plush ball soccer

Active grandmother playing the ball with her grandchildren in the kids room indoor.

Having the kids kick around actual balls in the house might get a little crazy, but you could get a plush ball and have them use that. The soft balls won’t knock over as much stuff, and they can still chase them around.

6. Dance and workout videos

Little girl make workout on blue mat at home by laptop online.

There are some fun dance and other workout videos that you can find on YouTube as well. GoNoodle is a great channel for kid-friendly workouts. There are plenty of dance-themed ones to enjoy with your kids.

7. Indoor workout equipment

Living real life moments. Staying at home mother exercising in the living room with daughter by her side

With kids, it is worthwhile to invest in some indoor workout equipment. My five-year-old likes to lift the 20-pound kettlebell. Other ideas are the Little Tykes trampoline, medicine balls, and hula hoops that your kids may enjoy.

8. Indoor activity stations

Young father his two little boys having fun exercising together at home.

If you think back to gym class, you may remember activity stations. You can set these up in your home for your kids. Make one station for jumping jacks, another for hula hooping, another for squats, and another for running in place. Depending on what your kids enjoy doing, you can add other stations. Each station can be between 30 seconds and one minute.

9. Build a fort

children are playing together at home building a fort

Forts can be super fun for kids, and building them is a great way to get them moving. It also gives them a task to concentrate on. You don’t need any fancy kits. Instead, you can use baby gates, chairs, and blankets. After it’s built, it gives them more to do by playing in it, and it can give you a much-needed break too!

10. Do household chores with music in the background

Mom and child washing dishes together

Kids usually love to help. Giving them different chores around the house will get them up and moving. If you add music into the background, you can also add dance breaks to make it more fun.

11. Charades

Multi Generation Family Sitting On Sofa At Home Playing Charades

Ever since seeing Elsa and Anna play the game in Frozen 2, my daughter has loved the idea of charades. Acting out different things will get everyone up and moving. Whether you have a game already made or make your own cards, charades can be a great game for the whole family to enjoy.

12. Laundry basket basketball

Shot of a little boy throwing laundry into a basket while his siblings watch him

Have trouble getting your kids to help fold laundry? How about rolling up some socks and playing some laundry basket basketball. You can do this by setting up a laundry basket at the end of a hallway and throwing the socks into it. Another way to play is by using an empty basket with an actual ball or plush ball and having them kick them down the hallway into the basket.

Getting moving can be hard to do when stuck inside, but it will help both you and your kids. The ideas above are fun ideas that you can incorporate into daily life, whether you can go outside or not.


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