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105 Baby Boy Names That Start With U

One of the best parts of pregnancy is selecting a baby name for your bundle of joy! If you’re expecting a son and looking for names that start with the letter U you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of popular and somewhat less common baby boy names that start with U.

Baby Boy Names that Start with U

You might want to give your son a traditional Greek name like Ulysses of The Odyssey fame, which means “wrathful.” Or you might like the biblical Hebrew name Uriel, which means “angel of light; flame of God.” Or you might consider the state name Utah or an adjective name like Unique or Urban.

If you want a fresh, more unusual baby boy name, you might opt for a French name like Umbro, of soccer fame, which means “shade;” an Indian name like Umed, which means “hope;” or an Old English name like Upwood, which means “upper forest.”

Popular Boy Names That Start With U

These are the 50 most popular baby boy names that start with U right now:

1. Ubaldo

2. Uchenna

3. Uday

4. Ugochukwu

5. Ugonna

6. Uhtred

7. Uilliam

8. Ukiah

9. Ulices

10. Ulises

11. Ulisses

12. Ullr

13. Ulric

14. Ulrich

15. Ulrik

16. Ulugbek

17. Ulysses

18. Umair

19. Umar

20. Umarjon

21. Umer

22. Unique

23. Unknown

24. Unnamed

25. Uraz

26. Urban

27. Urbano

28. Uri

29. Uriah

30. Urian

31. Urias

32. Urie

33. Uriel

34. Urijah

35. Uriyah

36. Usher

37. Usiel

38. Usman

39. Usmon

40. Utah

41. Uthman

42. Uvaldo

43. Uwais

44. Uzair

45. Uzay

46. Uzayr

47. Uziah

48. Uziel

49. Uzziel

50. Uzziah

Uncommon Boy Names That Start With U

Looking for something a little more uncommon for your baby boy? Here’s a list of 50+ unique baby boy names that start with a U:

1. Ubadah

2. Udayasuryan

3. Udel

4. Udi

5. Udo

6. Udolf

7. Udolfo

8. Udolph

9. Uilleac

10. Uilleam

11. Uisdean

12. Ukko

13. Ulberto

14. Ulbricht

15. Ulf

16. Ulick

17. Ulisse

18. Ull

19. Ullmar

20. Ulryk

21. Umbro

22. Umed

23. Umee

24. Un

25. Uncas

26. Undeio

27. Une

28. Un hyea

29. Unwin

30. Unwinn

31. Updyke

32. Upshaw

33. Upwood

34. Urbain

35. Urbaine

36. Urbanus

37. Urija

38. Urjasz

39. Urs

40. Ursel

41. Ursino

42. Ursins

43. Ursinus

44. Urso

45. Urson

46. Ursus

47. Urvil

48. Usnavi

49. Ussher

50. Uttam

51. Utende

52. Uther

53. Uwe

54. Uwe Jens

55. Uwolowu

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) name from this list? Have you or your friends and family chosen any of these “U” names for your sons?

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our hottest baby names for 2022, strong boy names, unique and trendy boy names, and the top coolest baby boy names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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