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100 Strong Boy Names – Baby Chick

I am the mother of two girls, but oddly enough, my husband and I only picked out boy names before we found out I was pregnant with our oldest daughter. Imagine our surprise when we had to come up with girl names after our first 20-week ultrasound!

Coincidentally, we ended up settling on names for both of our girls that are female forms of classic male names, Samuel and Charles. But if you are actually looking for boy names, you’ve come to the right place.

There are so many powerful baby boy names with various roots and interesting meanings to choose from if you are expecting a son! The strong boy names we’ve compiled below are African, Arabic, Chinese, Cornish, Dutch, Egyptian, English, Flemish, French, Gaelic, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Latin, Norse, Romanian, Scandinavian, Scottish, Spanish, Swahili, and Turkish in origin.

You might like the Greek name Zale, which means “sea-strength,” or the Hebrew name Oz, meaning “strength.” You might choose the English name Montgomery, which means “mighty man,” or the Irish name Brian, which means “strong, virtuous, and honorable.” Or you might prefer the old German name Richard, which means “brave ruler.”

There is a great boy name (or two or three or four) on this list for just about everyone!

100 Strong Boy Names

Here’s a list of our 100 favorite strong baby boy names:

  1. Abelardo
  2. Abraham
  3. Albert
  4. Aldric
  5. Alexander
  6. Anders
  7. Andreas
  8. Andrew
  9. Angus
  10. Aristotle
  11. Armstrong
  12. Arnold
  13. Arsenio
  14. Austin
  15. Autry
  16. Azaiah
  17. Aziz
  18. Baldric
  19. Barack
  20. Barrett
  21. Beren
  22. Bernard
  23. Berthold
  24. Brian
  25. Chasin
  26. Conall
  27. Conrad
  28. Craft
  29. David
  30. Deandre
  31. Decebal
  32. Denzel
  33. Dirk
  34. Drew
  35. Egon
  36. Eli
  37. Enzi
  38. Eric
  39. Ethan
  40. Evander
  41. Ezekiel
  42. Fidel
  43. Forest
  44. Francis
  45. Franklin
  46. Gabriel
  47. Garrett
  48. George
  49. Godric
  50. Gordon
  51. Griffin
  52. Guevara
  53. Harvey
  54. Hassan
  55. Henry
  56. Imre
  57. Isaac
  58. Jack
  59. Jacob
  60. Jarek
  61. John
  62. Joseph
  63. Julius
  64. Kawan
  65. Kenji
  66. Kenzo
  67. Larry
  68. Leonardo
  69. Magni
  70. Mario
  71. Martin
  72. Maska
  73. Maynard
  74. Montgomery
  75. Muhammad
  76. Napoleon
  77. Nelson
  78. Nero
  79. Onan
  80. Osiris
  81. Oswald
  82. Oz
  83. Phillip
  84. Richard
  85. Roderick
  86. Ronald
  87. Rupert
  88. Ryker
  89. Scott
  90. Theodore
  91. Thor
  92. Uzziah
  93. Valens
  94. Valerio
  95. Warren
  96. Wayan
  97. William
  98. Winston
  99. Xi
  100. Zale

Which strong boy name is your favorite? Let us know what name(s) you chose in the comments.

Be sure also to take a peek at some of our other baby name lists, like our top baby names for 2022cool boy names, and classic baby names. Have fun choosing a beautiful name you love for your baby boy!

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