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100 Beautiful Rare Girl Names


While picking a name for your new little girl may seem challenging, we have some great choices for you! There are so many names out there, and you take great care in picking out the right name. It is a big decision because it will follow her for her entire life. These days, many parents want to choose a name that is as unique as it is lovely. Just like their little girl! What parent wouldn’t want to give their daughter a beautiful rare girl name?

If you’re looking for a beautiful rare girl name, we have some great categories from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a girl name with nature roots, names from mythology, or names that are a twist on a traditional name or word, we have you covered!

Beautiful Rare Girl Names

Nature Girl Names

1. Aneira – If you are a fan of winter, check out this Welsh name meaning “much snow.”

2. Arden – For an outdoorsy name, this Latin name means “great forest.”

3. Arista – This Greek name means “harvest.”

4. Azura– Azura is a Spanish name that means “sky blue.”

5. Clover – This is an Old English flower name, which also means “key.”

6. Emerald – For a precious name, check out this one of Spanish origin that refers to a gemstone.

7. Elodie – The name Elodie is of Greek origin and means “marsh flower.”

8. Elowen – If you like tree-related names, this Cornish name means “elm.”

9. Fleur – This French name means “flower.”

10. Florence – This Latin name means “flowering or in bloom.”

11. Geneva – This French name means Juniper tree.

12. Hadleigh – If you are into flowers, check out this Old English name that means “heather meadow.”

13. Haisley – For a fun Irish name, this one means Hazel woods.

14. Ianthe – For another great flower name, this Greek name means “purple flower.”

15. Kataleya – Spanish name meaning “orchid.”

16. Lone – If you love violets, check out this Greek name that embodies the meaning.

17. Marigold – Another great choice, this English name means “golden flower.”

18. Nyala – While a bit different, this is still a fun African name that means “mountain goat.”

19. Oceane – For those who love the sea, check out this French name inspired by the ocean.

20. Oliviane – This Latin name means “olive tree.”

21. Oriana – For another beautiful name, this Latin name means “sunrise.”

22. Palesa – Palesa is the African name for “flower.”

23. Peony – This Greek name came from the flower.

24. Qiana – If the exact name Star is a bit too direct, consider this Persian name of the same meaning.

25. Star – If you want to be direct, this English name refers to the beautiful stars in the sky.

26. Thalia – Thalia is a Greek name that means “blooming.”

27. Tierra – Tierra is a Spanish name that means “Earth.”

28. Ula – This Celtic name means “gem of the sea.”

29. Vienna – For another beautiful name, this Latin name means “forest stream.”

30. Waverly – This English name means a “meadow of quivering aspens.”

31. Xylia – This Greek name means “from the woods.”

32. Yesenai – For another flower name, consider this Arabic name meaning “flower.”

33. Yolanda – This Spanish name means “violet flower.”

34. Zelia – This Scandinavian name means “sunshine.”

35. Zora – This Slavic name means “dawn.”

Mythology Girl Names

1. Aegle – According to Greek mythology, Aegle was the goddess of good health.

2. Aine – Aine was the Celtic goddess of summer and prosperity. You could use the variation Anya for this one too.

3. Alethea – Alethea was the Greek goddess of truth and was a popular name back in the 16th century.

4. Anaisa – This name comes from the Puerto Rican/Dominican/Haitian cultures. She was the goddess of love, money, and happiness.

5. Brea – Brea was the God of ancient mythology. The name also means “strong.”

6. Demetria – This Greek name alludes to Demeter, the goddess of fruitfulness.

7. Flora – Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.

8. Calliope – Calliope was the Greek muse of epic poetry. While it was popular a few years ago, it is due for a comeback.

9. Cassiopeia – This name comes from Greek mythology and is the name of a constellation.

10. Cybele – According to Greek mythology, she was the goddess of health, nature, and fertility and means “the mother of all gods.”

11. Diane – Diane is the name of the Roman Goddess of childbirth.

12. Eachna – Eachna was a princess of Irish mythology known for her intelligence, fashion, and beauty.

13. Erma – Erma is a German name meaning “war goddess.”

14. Kianda – Kianda is an African name, and according to Angolan mythology, she was also the protector of fishermen and the goddess of the sea.

15. Marcia – According to Roman mythology, this is the name of the God of reproduction. It is also the feminine form of the name Marcus.

16. Marina – The name Marina means “of the sea” and references the Slavic goddess of the moon.

17. Minerva – This strong name comes from the Roman goddess of martial strength, the arts, and wisdom.

18. Nerida – Nerida is a Spanish name meaning “sea nymph.”

19. Nixie – Nixie is a German name that means “water sprite.”

20. Ostara – This one is a German name that refers to the goddess of sunrise, spring, and fertility.

21. Persephone – According to Greek mythology, Persephone was the queen of the underworld and the goddess of regrowth.

22. Sabrina – The name Sabrina refers to a Celtic goddess of healing.

23. Saranya – Saranya is a name of Hindu origin that means “protector.” She was also the goddess of the dawn and clouds.

24. Selene – According to Greek mythology, Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon.

25. Thalia – This name, which means “to flourish,” comes from Greek mythology. Thalia was the mus of pastoral poetry and comedy.

26. Theia – Theia was the Greek goddess of sight.

27. Tyche – According to Greek mythology, she was the goddess of chance, fate, and fortune.

28. Uma – The name Uma comes from the Hindu goddess and means “nation.”

29. Ursula – According to Greek mythology, Ursula was the sister of Triton, the children of the sea god Poseidon. It is also a Latin name, meaning “little bear.”

30. Venus – Venus was the ancient goddess of love and beauty. It has both Latin and Roman roots.

31. Zaria – This Slavis name means “princess or blooming flower.” She was also the goddess of battle.

32. Ziva – The name Ziva means “brightness” and was the Slavic goddess of fertility.

Twists on Traditional Girl Names/Words

1. Annalise – This name combines the names Anna and Lise.

2. Arlo – For a twist on the name Charlotte, consider Arlo.

3. Beatrix – This one is a Latin name with the counterpart of Beatrice.

4. Bryn – This name is a variation on the name Brianna and of Greek origin.

5. Cilla – Cilla is an alternative to the name “Pricilla.” It means “ancient.”

6. Cindy – It has English and Greek roots and is an alternative to the name Cynthia.

7. Edna – This name comes from the biblical garden of Eden. It also means “delight.”

8. Emmeline – For a twist on the traditional name Emily that isn’t Emma, the name Emmeline is a unique choice that means “work.”

9. Filippa – The name Filippa is the feminine form of the name Philip.

10. Fiona – This Scottish name comes from the Gaelic word Fionn.

11. Gail – This Hebrew name is a shorter version of Abigail and means “independent.”

12. Gemma – The name Gemma is a twist on the name Jeanette. It is Italian and means “precious stone.”

13. Gwenhwyfar – For a unique twist on Jennifer, consider its origin—Gwenhwyfar.

14. Inez – This Spanish name means “pure” and is a spelling variation for Agnes.

15. Jacqueline – This name is the feminine variant of the French name Jacques. It means “may God shelter.”

16. Janice – This English name is the feminine form of John, meaning “God is kind.”

17. Jessa – This one is a unique name based on Jessica.

18. Katja – Katja is a twist on the traditional name Kate.

19. Kay – Kay is a name from the Arthur legends that means “the one who stores keys.” It is also a possible abbreviation of the name Katherine.

20. Lauren – This English name means “wisdom” and comes from the name Laurence.

21. Leanne – This English name means “wood,” “light,” or “grace.” It is possibly a derivative of the name Helem.

22. Lucinda – Lucinda is an alternative to the name Lucille.

23. Odette – Odette is a French diminutive of the name Oda.

24. Olga – Olga comes from the Scandinavian name Helgi. It means “hale and hearty.”

25. Priscilla – This one is a diminutive of the Roman Prisca.

26. Romy – Romy is a diminutive of Roma, Rosemary, Romana, and Fomilly.

27. Sari – This name, which means “princess,” is a fun variation of Sarah.

28. Sheba – This name is the shortened version of the biblical name Bathsheba, which means “promise.”

29. Sidony – This one is a cool twist on the name Cindy.

30. Talulla – Talulla has Gaelic origins and combines the words tuile and flaith.

31. Thora – This Norse name comes from the thunder god Thor.

32. Xoey – spelling variation for Zoey and Zoe. It also means “life.”

33. Zadie – This English name has Greek roots and is a great twist on the names Sadie and Katie. It also means “princess.”

The list above offers some beautiful rare names for your new baby girl. These suggestions will give your daughter a gorgeous name to help her stand out from the crowd. Do you have a favorite out of these beautiful rare girl names?

Check out our other baby name lists if you are still on the baby name hunt. Try 250+ beautiful girl namesbeautiful flower names for girls, or elegant baby names for inspiration. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby-to-be!


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