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Top Picks for Back to School Must-Haves


This is the staple back-to-school item that every child needs. Be sure to look at the size and compartments to make sure it fits your child in size and function. These are two of our favorites for different ages and one true old-school favorite that is good for any age.

It’s all about being organized this year, and things that we once shared at school, may now need to be assigned to each student. For children, if they have a place for it, then the likelihood of them putting their items away properly and not losing them is higher . . . at least that is what we try to achieve, right? Here are some cute and fun ways to create more of an organized system for students.

We tend to get all of these supplies and then not the tools to help them use them. Do not forget about that pencil sharpener, an added charger, or an easy eraser for those mistakes. When a child feels prepared, they are more focused on the task at hand.

These are so important in bringing home their notes or papers from their teacher. Make sure you invest in sturdy folders or you will be buying them all year long. They now make great expandable folders that can hold so much more and for multiple classes. It is our modern-day binder!

This school supply can make all the difference in your child’s organization, responsibility, and promptness to assignments. Even better, scoop one up for yourself as a parent to help organize everyone’s schedule and due dates in one place! It will help the 2021-2022 school year be so much more of a breeze!

Some may say this is their favorite “subject in school,” but no matter how old they are, having the right supplies for lunch helps make a world of difference. Be sure to choose a sturdy box because they tend to get thrown around daily. Does your child not enjoy a cold lunch? No problem! There are a lot of new items out there that make any school lunch possible and fun!

We spend so much time and money picking out all those new back-to-school outfits and then they come home with a chocolate milk stain right down their shirt. Throw a few stain-fighting supplies in their bag and that may help you save their favorite outfit.

Some children have school IDs that they need on them at all times, along with their house keys and important cards. Having a safe, stylish, and fun spot for these important items is “key” (pun intended).

What once was an afterthought has become part of our daily routine, and our children have also learned that. To help keep them healthy and keep those germs away, these cool back-to-school products are sure to be a hit.


Personalized Accessories

There is so much gear when it comes to back-to-school supplies. Be sure to label everything so that it doesn’t get lost or swapped out with a friend. There are so many easy, fun, and cute ways to do this.

Hopefully, this list helped get you back in the mood for school. It certainly has been a while since we had a traditional first day back. At least this year, you will be more prepared than ever!

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