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Splurge-Worthy Gifts for Kids – Baby Chick

Is it just me, or do you also feel like your child already has everything imaginable to play with? I am trying to be very conscious of what I choose to get my son this holiday season. When he was a baby, we decided to give him four gifts for Christmas: something to wear, something to read, something he wanted, and something he needed. I like concentrating on the quality of what he receives versus the quantity. This helps us avoid overwhelming our home—or him—with too many new items.

Because we buy fewer gifts, I tend to splurge a little more on some of the things I choose for him, whether a nice pair of shoes or coat, a larger outdoor toy, or a more interactive toy. Last year, he got an indoor play gym, which was a great choice, as he still plays with it a year later! This year, we are getting him a Tonie’s Box Starter Set as an alternative to screen time since he can listen to stories, songs, and more. Below, I’ve included 25 splurge-worthy gift ideas for kids of all ages that are worth considering this year:

25 Splurge-Worthy Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Primo Classic Ride-On Scooter

Teal ride-on kids scooter

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This gorgeous, classic-looking ride-on scooter looks like it is straight out of the Italian countryside, and I love the stunning shade of mint. It would be perfect for kids ages 2 to 5 who love to be outdoors. Pair with a cute little helmet for safety, and you’re ready to go!

2. Kids’ Mercedes

Black toy Mercedes for kids

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I know my son would have so much fun in this ride-on car. You operate it via remote control, and they can only start it when the “On” switch is in the correct position. It includes a safety belt and soft start feature for extra safety. It will hold up to 39 pounds.

3. Kids’ Kitchen

Grey kids play kitchen

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This gorgeous, modern-designed play kitchen looks like fun! The sink and stove are separate, so you can arrange them as you like. The ice maker has cubes and the knobs on the stove click to mimic a functioning kitchen. There’s ample storage space below the sink, perfect for storing toys.

4. UGG Boots

Pink and rainbow glitter UGG boots for kids

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I adore how fun these boots look. I live in my UGGs during the colder months and have some that are over a decade old because they hold up so well. This rainbow glitter and pink combination would be perfect for any little girl to add sparkle to the winter.

5. Indoor Play Gym

Kids activity gym with swing, rock-climbing wall, rope latter, basketball hoop, and step latter

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My son got a similar play gym to this one when he was about 1 ½ years old, and it has been such a big hit. This one has a slide, swing, climbing wall, and basketball hoop. It is also sturdy wood and would look great in any room in your home.

6. Bouncy House

Pink and purple kids bounce house and balloons on floor

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These are the most aesthetically pleasing bounce houses on the market. It can be used inside or out and accommodates up to three little jumpers. Your child can get into it using the ramp, which doubles as a slide to exit the house. Our Editor and Chief has one for her kids and they love it!

7. Foamnasium

Blue, white, and green foam blocks in different shapes for kids to climb on

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This gymnasium includes a toddler step, a large block, and two wedges in durable vinyl that you can easily clean and free of chemicals. This would be a safe way for your child to get their energy out inside the home.

8. Ball Pit

Grey ball pit with beige, white, and grey plastic balls inside

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This is the most aesthetically pleasing ball pit I’ve seen! You can choose a mixture of pink or blue pit balls, and the cover comes off for washing. My son has had so much fun in his ball pit.

9. Retro Bike

Kids coral bicycle with basket

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I adore this classic-looking balance bike. It comes in three colorways, and the basket on the front is so cute. It also has a functioning bell on the handlebars. Perfect for kids ages 2 ½ to 5 and an adorable way to learn balance and ride with no pedals.

10. Sandbox

Kids sandbox with a boy and girl playing and black and white canopy

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This is such a cute sandbox. I love that it includes a canvas canopy cover to shade your kids from the sun. It also comes with two plastic bins that you could use for water or storing toys. Adding some extra sand toys with this would be a fun outdoor gift.

11. Dollhouse

3-story dollhouse with slide and little girl standing next to it

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This is the ultimate little girl’s dream dollhouse. I would’ve loved to have this as a little girl. This Barbie Dreamhouse is 3 feet high with eight rooms. It has an elevator, pool, slide, and 70 accessories, including furniture.

12. Hope Haven

Lunchbox style dollhouse with bed, chair, lamp, side table and decor

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Carry this tiny portable home with you anywhere. The entire house is in a lunchbox-style case with a leather handle. Now your little one can play house anywhere! It includes furniture and decorative items for the home. The details on the items are high quality and so cute!

13. Moxie

Blue robot toy for kids

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This interactive toy is perfect for elementary-aged kids up to 10 years old. We got to test one out, and it is so cool! It is a robot that promotes social-emotional learning through play. We had a 5-year-old test it, and after using it for a few minutes, we could tell a positive difference in his communication. He spoke clearer, was more descriptive, and gained confidence. This robot named Moxie has new themed missions, tasks, and activities that your child can unlock daily so they won’t get bored.

14. Power Pony

Girl riding toy pony

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This is a pony you can ride! Your child’s feet control the pony with a Zume engine, and it has interactive lights and sounds, plus customizable speed. It charges quickly, and you can change the settings via a smartphone app. Kids love this!

15. The Figgy

Grey stacking play couch for kids

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Play couches are super popular because there is so much you can do with them! We got to test out the Figgy and highly recommend it. It comes with 4 base cushions, 2 rectangles cushions, and the option to add an extra wedge cushion and separate waterproof liners. What’s different and cool about the Figgy is that all the pieces are separate and can be connected together by their strong velcro on the sides of the base cushions. With this design, your child isn’t limited to what they can create. Let their imagination soar! This play couch does what others do and more!

16. TickTalk Smart Watch

Blue smart-watch for kids

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Holy moly, this watch is cooler than mine. We tested it out and the kids were obsessed! This is an excellent compromise for your kid who wants a phone but you aren’t ready to give them that responsibility yet. This smartwatch has a GPS tracker, video, music, camera, and messaging capabilities. You can choose from AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks to use with the watch.

17. Micro Kickboard

Teal scooter for kids

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We’ve tried several scooters, but this Micro Kickboard scooter takes the cake! This three-wheeled scooter completely folds up for easy storage or travel. It is lightweight and designed to grow with your child. They have one design for ages 2 to 5 and another for bigger kids ages 5 to 12. They even have ones with light-up LED wheels! The quality is superior, and the lean-to-steer design allows children to master balance and coordination safely. After testing, we give it two thumbs up!

18. Learn ‘N Balance Set

Wood balance bean with different colored stepping stones for kids

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If you’re looking for a quality gift that will help your little one with their development and self-confidence, consider this set! It includes four folding balance beam sections and four stepping stones. We tried it, and it’s great for indoor play, easy to fold up and transport, and very well-made. This balance set would be perfect for your little gymnast in training.

19. Piccalio Helper Tower

Child standing on wooden helper tower by kitchen sink

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This is on our list for our son this year. He loves helping and being in the kitchen with us, and this is a safe way to allow a little one to reach higher spaces and help you. It also folds in half and converts into a small table! Our team tested it, and the 1-year-old loved it! It’s perfect for kids 12 months to 6 years and can hold up to 175 pounds.

20. Smart Teddy

Brown teddy bear waving with phone showing the bear's features

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Help your child learn in a fun and adorable way. The Smart Teddy is one of the hottest tech toys on the market, and after testing it, we can see why! This sweet teddy talks and includes games, activities, and stories to work on vocabulary and critical thinking skills through an app you control it with. It updates weekly, and you can use it for kids ages 2 to 5. It’s a great way for your little one to play and learn new things that will keep them entertained without a screen.

21. Doona Trike

Black push tricycle for kids with canopy and cup holder

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We got this for my son when he turned one, and we love it. It can be used through 3 years of age and includes a 5-point harness, UV protection canopy, and steering for the adult or child. The coolest part is that in addition to growing with your child, it will also fold up completely to store in the bag. It can fit into a plane’s overhead bin, and we’ve flown with it twice now. Highly recommend!

22. Tonie Starter Set Bundle

Red sound box with toy dog and cars around it

Buy Here

I’m so excited for my son to receive his Toniebox for Christmas! It is an audio system for kids to listen to stories and songs. You can even create your own audio content. You can control it using a smartphone app. The bundle is a great way to get the additional Tonies of your choice and save money.

23. Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

Subscription box with sensory toys for kids in it

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These kits of Montessori-inspired sustainable toys are age-appropriate. They are designed using brain science research and include learning that supports your child’s current development window. We have been using their play kits since my son was a baby; they are genuinely something he reaches for daily! These toys are well-made and something your child will use for years to come.

24. Montessori Busy Board

Busy board with child's name and different sensory and learning activities on it

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This is such a fun and interactive toy that will keep your child entertained for hours. My son received it on his first birthday and has loved it. It has many Montessori-aligned activities that help develop many skills while your child plays. It’s also easy to slide in a closet when not in use to store it.

25. Kids’ Anywhere Chair

Personalized blue plush kids armchair

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This is a must-have for any kid and is perfect for lounging around your home. You also can personalize it for an extra touch. You can remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine to keep it clean. Kids love having their own special chair that’s specifically for them!

Don’t forget to consider what toys your child already has when shopping for splurge-worthy gifts to avoid purchasing something similar. I also like to visualize where we will store the toy to ensure we can accommodate it. I would also make sure you consider your child’s current age so you buy something they might enjoy in a few months to a year. Feel free to add these ideas to a list for grandparents looking for something special to give their grandchildren. Happy shopping!

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