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How to Have Tough Talks & Prepare Your Child for the Real World


It can often feel like something big and scary is always going on. Turn on the news, and unfortunately, you’ll probably hear of something tragic that happened that day. When you have little ears listening, many parents are unsure of how to approach these tough conversations in a safe and informative way with their child. From racism to gun violence to the pandemic and so many other complex topics, it is essential as parents to start the dialogue with our children at an early age before someone else has those conversations with them. So, how can we have these talks and prepare our children for the real world without scaring or overwhelming them? Today’s guest is here to help!

In this episode, we have Tara Miko Ballentine with us. Tara is on a mission to change the way we think about parenting. With a 25+ year background in marketing, she is now focused on empowering parents to have those tough and “outside the box” conversations with their children. She started Bright Littles, a company that sells conversation tools, to help in this mission.

Today, Tara is sharing with us when and how to begin these conversations age-appropriately and why it’s important to do so. Our children are being exposed to so many things, and as their parents, we need to ensure we are the ones preparing them for the world. This episode will help you feel more confident when having these talks with your kids.

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