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DIY Valentine’s Gift Baskets for Kids


I have so many sweet memories of running down the stairs to see the Valentine baskets that my mom would prepare for my sisters and me while growing up. I loved all the red, pink, and hearts you could find. Now it’s even more fun – I get to make Valentine’s gift baskets for my kids!

I don’t need much of an excuse to pamper my kids with fun new things, and Valentine gift baskets are no exception. There’s nothing like bringing a smile to their faces on this sweet holiday that reminds them just how much they are loved.

If putting together themed baskets stresses you out, don’t worry, mama! It doesn’t take much to make sweet and memorable DIY Valentine gift baskets that your kids are sure to love. Read on for tips on making the perfect Valentine basket for kids of all ages.

DIY Valentine’s Baskets for Kids

I like to select an item or two from different categories when making Valentine gift baskets. This keeps the basket full of a good variety of items and makes them so much fun for kids!

1. Basket or Container

Valentine baskets

First, you want to get a basket or container of some sort to hold and display all your Valentine’s goodies. Here are my pro tips for how to get the best bang for your buck:

  • Purchase extra special Valentine-themed baskets that you can store and reuse each year. These retro jelly baskets would be perfect.
  • Hit up the Dollar Store or the Target Dollar Spot for an affordable one-time use option. Another affordable option is this heart-shaped plastic container which comes in a two-pack if you are looking for a good deal!
  • Use a basket that you can repurpose as I did. You can use this peony pink pompom bin from Pehr. I love that this bin comes in different colors like mist blue and sage. Then each basket can also be used to store toys or books year-round in their bedrooms! Another great repurpose bin is this shower caddy. The pink and the blue/green are our favorites!

Other Valentine gift basket options:

2. Pajamas

Valentine Pajamas

My kids can always use a new pair of PJs. We love having special pajamas for each holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!

Colorful heart jammies like this two-piece set work well for little girls. Even if you don’t want to go crazy with hearts, you can get something in solid red or pink, like this solid red PJ set I got for my son.

Other great Valentine pajama options:

3. Books

Valentine's Day books for kids

It’s so fun to pull out seasonal books and share them together over and over when the holiday rolls back around! My 5-year-old is a big fan of Pete the Cat, so he’s getting Valentine’s Day is Cool. I grabbed Ollie’s Valentine board book for my one-year-old. It’s such a sweet option for babies and toddlers.

Other Valentine picture books:

4. Toys

Valentine toys for kids

You’ve got to have a fun heart-shaped toy in your Valentine’s basket! These stackable hearts are a great learning toy for babies, and they even double as a teether. Older kids will like this heart-shaped fidget popper (and it comes in a set of three!). Or grab this set of 12 mini heart-shaped slinkies. My kids both love them!

My kids also love getting new stuffed animals and little pillows. This pink plush bunny is so sweet and soft, and this rose flowerette is the cutest plush toy for Valentine’s Day. And this set of heart pillows is adorable. Your kids will love them! And for your littlest Valentine, this personalized wooden heart teether is the perfect thing.

5. Special Treat

I made my kids’ treats extra special by getting personalized heart cookies! You can simply order them at a local bakery, or you could always make your own as I did. It doesn’t cost much, and it’s more thoughtful than bagged candies. But if you’re short on time, we understand. These Mother’s Cookies Hugs & Kisses are a kid favorite. If you’re looking for something with less sugar, these Valentine pretzels are a great choice!

6. Something Practical

Valentine's day items for kids

Finally, I like to have something practical in the baskets too. Think about something they need anyways, and see if you can make it work for a Valentine.

For instance, I got my son a red Disney Cars toothbrush and this black beanie. For the baby, she’s getting a heart-shaped plate and new socks. I just found these items in a Valentine color, and it’s killing two birds with one stone!

Other practical items:

How to Display Your Valentine Gift Baskets

Finally, you can make your Valentine gift basket display extra fun with simple decorations like balloons, garland, and/or a banner.

Hang a white sheet on the wall, add your decorations, and you’ve got a DIY Valentine display corner! It’s also the perfect spot to take photos of your kids with their gift baskets. Just remember to have them put on their new Valentine jammies first!

I hope you are inspired to make your own DIY Valentine basket with as many or as few of these items as you would like. Knowing my children will remember these special moments as they grow up sure makes it worthwhile for me.

Enjoy loving on your little ones, and may you have an extra sweet Valentine’s Day together!

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