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Boon Grub High Chair: A Review + Closer Look


Whether you added a high chair to your baby registry or your baby is now approaching the age of starting solids, a high chair is something every family with a baby will need. But it can be tough to know which is the right one for your baby because there are dozens on the market. As a baby planner who has been testing baby products over the past 10 years and a mother of two, I get what parents are looking for and what they need for their little ones. Recently, I got to test out the NEW Boon Grub high chair, and I definitely think it’s a high chair that parents need to check out. From its affordability, safety, and many adjustable features, I’m confident you’ll like it too.

Mother sitting with her baby girl at the kitchen table feeding her baby food.

Who is Boon?

You’ve likely come across a Boon product at your local Target once or twice before — if you’ve seen those innovative baby bottles and drying racks that look like a fancy patch of grass, you know Boon. However, Boon goes beyond their really cool drying racks. They make baby bathtubs, feeding accessories, bath toys, and much more. But best of all? Their products never disappoint. Boon creates high-end budget-friendly baby and toddler products so that parents and caregivers never have to worry about finicking with products that don’t work — you won’t find that type of quality over at Boon. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to test out their new Boon Grub high chair.

But First, What to Look For in a High Chair

When it comes to choosing a high chair, there are a few things that I take into consideration:

Seating Position

Proper seating position is very important when selecting a high chair for your little one. With some high chairs accommodating even our newborn babies with different recline positions, you want to make sure the chair can support your child’s body at a 90-degree angle at their waist, knees, and ankle (via the footrest). That’s the proper position for starting solids and beyond.


Safety is always every parent’s top concern. That’s why I recommend choosing a high chair with a good safety harness to prevent your child from tipping over or falling out of their chair. Another thing, check if the high chair has wheels. If it does, make sure that they lock to keep the chair stationary when in use.

Ease of Use

If you have used other high chairs, you know how important ease of use and functionality is. How easy is it to assemble and disassemble as well as operate the tray? You want to have good functionality and be able to quickly and easily adjust the high chair to meet your child’s needs.

Ease of Cleaning

When you have one baby, cleaning up a mess might not be too much of a deal-breaker. But when you have more than one child, it can be an issue. That’s why it’s important to have a high chair that can be disassembled and wiped down quickly and easily.


How big is the high chair? Does it take up a lot of space? How much does it weigh? When choosing a high chair for your baby, think about where your high chair will go in your home. Also, some high chair options fold up, and some are extremely lightweight and adjustable. Think about your family’s needs and consider them when making your choice.

Adjustable Height/ Tray/ Footrest

Again the adjustable height and footrest go back to being a safety concern. As our little ones get older, we need to be able to adjust their high chair height and footrest for proper comfort, support, and safety. And as they get bigger, we also need to adjust the tray, so it isn’t too close to their bodies.


Can the high chair recline in different positions for infant feedings? Does it convert into a toddler chair? Some high chairs can only be used once your baby can sit up on their own and is eating solid food, which is usually around six months old, and it will last until your child is about two years old. I look for high chairs that can truly grow with your child and be multi-functional, so the investment is well worth it. This is especially true if there is a potential it could be a hand-me-down product for your next child.


Lastly, the price. Don’t get me wrong, there are many high chairs with a hefty price tag that boasts some pretty impressive features. The lowest price is under $100 and the highest is around $800 and lots of them are priced in between. However, it’s sometimes hard for families to justify a big price tag when you can only use them for a relatively short time. When choosing the right high chair for your baby, think about your budget, your aesthetic, and where you will use it. These things will help you narrow your list down.

The Best Features of the Boon Grub High Chair

This new high chair from Boon meets my standards and has many cool features that I love. Here are my favorites.

It’s Easy to Clean

I don’t know about you, but a nightmare for me is cleaning up a dirty high chair. It feels like some high chairs have hundreds of evil crumb-catching cracks and crevices for your child’s food to get stuck and hide in—no fun at all for us parents. I mean, let’s face it, mealtimes are messy, but your high chair shouldn’t have to be.

While testing the Boon Grub high chair, I could see that all the parts (including the pad) were created so that they can easily come off and fit in the washer or dishwasher. You can quickly remove the seating pad and detach the seat from the base and legs.

Cut off picture of woman removing the seating pad on the high chair.
Woman disassembling the Boon Grub high chair.

With the seat’s ultra-sleek and smooth surface, it’s incredibly easy to wipe down. So is the tray! I also really like that the tray has a tall lip, so food doesn’t spill as easily over the sides.

Boon Grub high chair

Then throw them in the dishwasher for a true sterilizing clean and you are good to go. Also, throw the pad in the washing machine, and everything your baby touches is fresh and clean. Rarely will you find food hiding in any hard-to-reach spots.

Woman putting the high chair pieces in the dishwasher.

5 Position Footrest

Having good foot support is really important for multiple reasons. First, think about how you feel when sitting on a tall barstool with no footrest. Your feet are dangling and you quickly become fidgety and uncomfortable. The same is true for your baby. Pediatricians agree that footrests help increase our babies’ motor skills, help them to feed themselves better, and improve their levels of concentration. With a comfortable and proper seated position with good foot support (which also supports their spine), babies can then focus their efforts on learning how to bite, chew, and enjoy their food!

I love that the Grub high chair has a 5-position footrest. It continuously gives your little one proper support as they sit and eat their meals as they grow.

Adjusting the footrest on the Boon Grub high chair.

Good 5-Point Harness

The number one thing parents can do to prevent injuries related to high chairs is to use the safety restraint system in the chair. This is why I only recommend high chairs with either a three-point or five-point harness that includes a crotch strap or post. Using the tray is not enough to keep your child safe in the seat.

The 5-point harness on the Boon Grub high chair.

I really like how this high chair has a good 5-point harness and a post below the tray. My favorite thing about the harness is that the side strap pieces can connect together. This makes it easy, like assembling a 3-point harness but gives you the added safety benefits of a 5-point harness. It’s one less step that you have to do when putting your child in their Grub high chair.

1-Piece Adjustable Tray

The high chair has two adjustable positions for the tray to attach to the seat. This is perfect because it can fit closer to your little baby when they are eating — less reaching over for them and less mess in their lap. Also, as your child grows and needs more space, no problem! Just adjust it out to the next position.

Boon Grub high chair 1-piece adjustable tray

It does take a minute to figure out the best way to latch the tray in place and remove it, but once you do it a few times, it’s simple. Just select the position you want the tray to be in (there are three holes but only two positions to choose from), place it in at an angle and it slides right in. You will feel a click once it’s properly placed.

Mom putting her daughter in her high chair and placing the tray in position.

Then when you are ready to remove the tray, find the latches underneath the tray on the sides, unlock them, and pull the tray up.

Mom removing the tray from the Grub high chair.

Fits Your Home

I love finding a high chair that can accommodate different styles of homes — big or small — as well as where families are enjoying their meals — at a table or the kitchen counter. This is another reason why I like the Boon Grub high chair. It can easily adjust from a table height high chair to a counter height chair.

Baby girl in Boon Grub high chair.

When you’re ready to go from countertop to tabletop, all you have to do is remove the lower part of the legs, place the stoppers at the bottom, and voila! Now you have a high chair that accommodates a table height.

Mom adjusting the height of the high chair to be table height.
Mom feeding her baby girl in her high chair.

100% Bib Ready

This feature is a cool bonus. The Boon Grub high chair comes with an integrated storage hook that connects to the back of the seat. This allows you to hang your baby’s bib in place so that mealtime is even simpler. It might not make a huge impact, but it’s a simple feature I appreciate that makes me happy.

Hanging a bib on the back of the Grub high chair.

It Grows With Your Child (from 6 months to 6 years)

The Boon Grub high chair is a convertible high chair that grows with your child (from 6 months to 6 years) and converts to a toddler chair for extended use (up to 50 lbs max). Talk about versatility! Just remove the second level of the legs, place the clips on the arms, and remove the seat pad. Now you have a modern and sleek toddler chair.

Converting the Boon Grub high chair into a toddler chair.

My son loves it because it fits him perfectly and feels like it was made just for him. So whether it’s mealtime or activity time, the toddler chair feature is a win-win for both! It’s a product that can really grow with your family and is worth the investment.

Boy sitting in toddler chair.


As I mentioned before, high chairs can be priced anywhere from under $100 to over $700 and lots of in-between. I love that this high chair has an affordable price point at $149.99. You get a lot of functionality and features for a great price!

Final Thoughts

Boon’s Grub high chair is a lightweight, sleek, and modern option that will accommodate many families due to where they plan to feed their baby and budget. When you’re ready to begin shopping for a high chair, the Boon Grub is a great choice.


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