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Baptism Ceremony and Party Ideas


Baptism is such a special moment in a Christian person’s life. It’s the Christian rite of passage and adoption, with the use of water, into Christianity. Choosing to baptize your child is a momentous occasion and one to celebrate! There are several things that you can do to make this wonderful day even more beautiful. Here’s what I recommend and a look at what I did for our daughter’s baptism ceremony and party.

1. Invitation

Invite the people you love to bear witness to this beautiful occasion. They’ll want to be there to encourage and support your child’s relationship with the Lord. On the invitation, make sure to note where and when the baptism will be held and if you plan on having a celebration party afterward and its details.

Buy Invitation Here

This is a gorgeous invitation that we chose from Minted. Click here to see a full list of options.

2. Gown

Christening gowns are part of a tradition that has spanned centuries. The christening gown is a symbol of purity and an evocation of Christ’s sacrifice. They are traditional and tasteful to capture the young person’s innocence being welcomed into the faith. If your family members are Christians, you might even have a gown passed down through the generations that your child could wear to make the day even more special. If you don’t or are looking for something new for your child to wear on their day, there are many beautiful options available. I chose this one from Forever More Inc!

Baby girl wearing her christening gown

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This dress has a knit lace overlay with cotton liner in antique white. This is a zipper closer in the back with a satin ribbon tie back and includes a bonnet. She looked so precious in her gown and received many compliments!

3. Candle

Light is an important symbol within Christianity. The baptism candle represents the movement from death to life in Christ, who is also known as the “light of the world.” You might want to choose a personalized candle that you can keep to remember this special day.

Baptism candle

Buy Candle Here

This is the candle that we chose from Earth Glo Design for our daughter’s baptism. This candle is 9″ x 3″ and was laser printed with gold foil. The quality is impeccable, and I love how you can personalize your candle and choose the font you prefer. So stunning!

4. Celebration Dress & Flower Crown

After the baptism ceremony, you’ll probably want to change your child into a different outfit. I changed my daughter into a dress that she could comfortably wear at the restaurant. I loved this smocked one from Smocked Auctions. I paired it with this beautiful blush flower crown from Flowers by Sveta.

Flower crown, smocked dress with cross design, and invitation

Buy Dress Here

Buy Flower Crown Here

This precious flower crown is made with paper roses, apple blossoms, dyed flowers, and faux greenery. I really like how it will never age and is a keepsake for our daughter. She can even wear it again in the future due to its flexible design. It is adjustable with ribbons and is perfect for children 3 months old up to 5 years old!

5. Balloons

What’s a party without balloons?! I love a good balloon garland or big statement balloons at a party. They really bring the festive vibe to any soirée! Because we were going to a restaurant after our daughter’s baptism to celebrate, I didn’t need a ton of balloons, but I wanted to have a few to set a happy tone. There’s an awesome company that services the Houston, TX area called Big Ass Balloons. They do some incredible work. We even used them for our pregnancy announcement with our daughter!

BABs Balloons for Baptism reception party

Visit Them Here

For the reception after our daughter’s baptism, we chose three BABs. We did two solid white BABs with custom lettering. One said, “Lily’s Baptism Celebration October 2021”. The other BAB said “We Love You, Lily” with hearts, and on the back, it said “Child of God” with a cross. They were written in rose gold and had 5-foot ombre tassels. The tassels had terra cotta, blush pink ivory, white, and metallic rose gold overlay. The third balloon was a confetti BAB that was a clear balloon filled with the same colors as the tassels. They all looked fantastic and were a huge hit!

BABs Balloons for Baptism reception party

Buy Baptism Sign Here

They do such beautiful work that I had the designers choose the colors for our balloons. I completely trust them because everything they do is fabulous! I highly recommend finding a high-quality and trusted balloon company like Big Ass Balloons for your next celebration!

6. Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers for your decor at a party. They are a staple that I like to include in every party I host. Our baptism celebration was no exception. In my opinion, customized floral arrangements that match your party decor really do elevate the ambiance. And when choosing what type of floral arrangements you need, consider where they will be placed and how many are necessary. You’ll want your guests to be able to converse with one another without their sightlines being obstructed. And if you have a long table, like the one we had, several smaller arrangements are the perfect thing!

Flowers by Arte & Design

Visit Them Here

If you don’t already have a go-to florist that you know does beautiful work, ask around and see who is recommended. If you live in the Houston, TX area, someone I love who does amazing designs is Arte & Design. Diana is incredibly talented. She did the sweet florals at our Galentine’s Brunch and she is even doing the florals at my mother’s wedding!

Flowers by Arte & Design

7. Guest Book

If you’re sentimental like me, you’ll want to remember the people who came to your child’s baptism. A guest book doesn’t have to be so traditional. Think out of the box! I decided to use my daughter’s Bible gifted to her by my Godparents and used that as her guest book.

Baptism bible guest book

Buy Bible Here

Buy Sign Here

For this idea, I printed out a sign that asked our guests to highlight their favorite Bible verses and sign their names next to them in her Bible. I thought it was a perfect way to remember the people who were there supporting her on the day of her baptism.

8. Party Favors

Every celebration should leave something for the guests to take home as a little gift. Something that I thought was particularly perfect as a party favor for a baptism was these pocket rosaries. You can have them customized with your child’s name and date of baptism for your guests to remember!

baptism party favors - rosaries with personalized tags

Buy Rosary Favors Here

9. Gift Idea

If you’re looking to gift your child something to commemorate this important day, this floral cross is a favorite!

porcelain personalized cross

Buy Floral Cross Here

10. Family Outfits

The whole family should dress up for this big occasion. If you choose for your child to wear lace, maybe the mother can wear lace too! It was our daughter’s baptism, so all of us wore pink to support our princess.

family dressed up for a baby girl's baptism

Here are the links to my dress and my son’s outfit: shirt, bowtie, pants, and shoes.

Your child’s baptism is sure to be a beautiful day. I hope that these ideas spark some inspiration as you plan your little one’s big day with the Lord.

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